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Synonyms for desexualise

direct one's libidinous urges into another direction


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Curiously, the film goes out of its way to desexualise their relationship and hurriedly brings in Peter's eccentric best friend Howie (Levy) as a potential suitor for Charlene.
Derrida's words are clearer than mine: "To desexualise the link to the wholly-other, .
Female office workers used different strategies to renegotiate (public) space, and to desexualise and redefine gender relations at their workplaces; namely, they created social distance between male and female colleagues; they developed socially obligatory relationships; they integrated male colleagues into a fictive kinship system; and they created women's spaces inside the offices.
They desexualise nudity completely," the Daily Express quoted her, as saying.
Perhaps that explains the nun's habit Christina Aguilera I have never met a model with a brain French film star Oliver Martinez I was in a toilet cubicle once and someone pushed a piece of paper under the door and asked me for an autograph Chart-topper Usher on his fansMy pants are not as tight and I don't open my shirt as far and I don't pick up the underwear Legendary singer Tom Jones starts acting his age 63 I'd like to desexualise nudity, so every time someone's naked it doesn't have to be sexual.