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Synonyms for desexualise

direct one's libidinous urges into another direction


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Her experience suggests that the conducting profession not only expects women to desexualise themselves, but also requires them to masculinize their leadership methods.
Curiously, the film goes out of its way to desexualise their relationship and hurriedly brings in Peter's eccentric best friend Howie (Levy) as a potential suitor for Charlene.
2) Loin de donner lieu aux sagesses morales d'un Ficin, dont l'interpretatin allegorique avait desexualise l'image de la reunion des moities male et femelle de l'etre spherique de sexe "mixte," (3) l'expression "Androgyne lien" declenche une rapide descente du "penser" erotique vers le sexe feminin: du "nombril" le poete ne peut s'empecher de passer au "connil.
Female office workers used different strategies to renegotiate (public) space, and to desexualise and redefine gender relations at their workplaces; namely, they created social distance between male and female colleagues; they developed socially obligatory relationships; they integrated male colleagues into a fictive kinship system; and they created women's spaces inside the offices.
They desexualise nudity completely," the Daily Express quoted her, as saying.