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When appropriate marriage partners are then desexed in order to protect their purity from the taint of the flesh (as North Dormer's Episcopalian parish has done to men and women alike, dressing people in white and pretending that they are angels), the muddle becomes an impossible tangle.
She contrasts the public display of flesh that positioned the dancers as a sexual commodity, with the desexed and defeminized portrayal of emancipated women.
They're curiously desexed gays (butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, never mind anywhere else), just as these will, I'd wager, prove to be curiously deIslamized Muslims.
A largely desexed adaptation of The Elementary Particles, Michel Houellebecq's cult French novel of post-millennial existential angst over the emptiness of contemporary life and the legacy of the 60s, despite Bleibtrau's sterling performance as the emotionally damaged Bruno, it's a cold and distancing intellectual-ised experience that just gets bleaker the longer the agony's stretched out.
As West notes, "The dominant myths draw black women and men either as threatening creatures who have the potential for sexual power over whites, or as harmless, desexed underlings of a white culture" (119).
Put differently, he cannot at such points prevent his underlying if desexed homoeroticism from sliding into a kind of sexism and thus arguably becoming the more skittishly and provocatively homoerotic.
Capons used to be desexed with rubber bands and the cockerels would over-eat to compensate - this has now been outlawed - although it produced a lovely meat.
Deneuve, who often looks handsome in her Jean Paul Gaultier getups, kisses her De Merteuil with icy cool, but a distracted and desexed bitch on wheels is a contradiction in terms and hardly what the job description requires.