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the quality of being deserving (e.g., deserving assistance)

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Deservingness and emotions: applying the structural model of deservingness to the analysis of affective reactions to outcomes.
2011a), who manipulated benign and malicious envy by presenting different levels of deservingness.
As an independently migrating agent, the spontaneously arriving child asylum-seeker embodies the problematic ellipsis of deservingness being equated with "over there" but also presents an additional series of moral and practical conflicts for liberal states.
The inflated sense of deservingness in entitled employees can lead to negative workplace behavior.
Making sense of misfortune: Deservingness, self-esteem, and patterns of self-defeat.
This is particularly problematic in light of the current public debate surrounding the deservingness of protection: is someone only entitled to protection if fleeing for reasons recognized by the traditional refugee protection regime of Article 1(A)2 CRSR or subsidiary protection regimes such as Article 15 of the EU Qualifications Directive?
These may contribute to rumination about deservingness in organ transplant recipients (O'Brien, Donaghue, Walker, & Wood, 2014).
Johanna Kallio and Antti Kouvo, "Street-Level Bureaucrats' and the General Public's Deservingness Perceptions of Social Assistance Recipients in Finland," Social Policy & Administration 9, 3 (2014): 316-334, doi: 10.
Both are protected in part because they are "immutable" or highly visible, are recognized as unrelated to one's social deservingness, and have served as the basis of unjust discrimination or prejudice in the past.
The editor has organized the thirty-eight selections that make up the main body of the text in five parts focused on emerging interest in social policy, the age of migration, politicization of migraion and the welfare state, provision of welfare for migrants, deservingness, restrictionalism, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
Framing Deservingness to Win Support for Welfare State Retrenchment.
There are absolute analogies (1) by priority and posteriority; (2) by worthiness or deservingness and appropriateness; and (3) by intensity or strength and weakness.
Thus, although a philosophical mire lurks always just off the horizon of the instant discussion, this article takes the law at its word, as practitioners must, that criminal punishment is philosophically justified and that mitigating evidence can rightfully reduce one's deservingness of it.
123) Law school admissions officers are working with a "mental model" of merit and deservingness that evaluates students based on criteria that were questionable from the start.