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the quality of being deserving (e.g., deserving assistance)

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The SCTP exposes the contradiction of American democracy whereby access to the franchise has been, and continues to be limited based racial hierarchies and subjective measures of appeal, ability, and deservingness by the advantaged class.
Her findings demonstrate the robustness of the effect of deservingness on indulgence.
long-term unemployment) of the minority and how these relate to the deservingness of individuals for global public goods and redistribution.
Conversely, if self-gift advertisers can use an appeal not emphasizing the independence and deservingness of individuals, but rather something more inline with the subjective norm of interdependents, these ads will be responded to more favorably by interdependents and may increase the likelihood of their self-gift behavior.
The principle that 'poverty alone' was the 'entitlement to commiseration' implied that deservingness was not the primary consideration in the Society providing assistance.
The intense political debate that preceded the government's establishment of the Harmer Pension Review illustrated that, in certain circumstances, payment adequacy is an issue that resonates with the public and taps into deep-seated views about deservingness and the ethos of the 'Fair Go'.
What size and weight has to do with a person's deservingness has me stumped.
241) The Court was also swayed by the unique involvement of the child victim in the process of securing the death sentence, both prolonging the pain of the rape and essentially asking the child to make a moral choice regarding her assailant's deservingness of the penalty--a decision that the child was not mature enough to make.
However, like Justice Scalia in the Elias-Zacarias case, Justice Stevens read the law as written; he readily acknowledged that he could not win a policy debate on grounds of humanitarianism or deservingness.
By contrast, the current system of payments establishes an unnecessarily complicated and inequitable system based upon implicit notions of deservingness across social security recipients.
The influence of perceived deservingness on policy decisions regarding aid to the poor.
The language of individualism, with its emphasis on self-help, mutuality and deservingness, permeated the seventh report's recommendations on rural 'amenities'.
This is because entitlement perceptions are often based on an unfounded sense of superiority and deservingness.
Paterson appeared eager to defend New York's deservingness of a share of federal funds even after acknowledging that state spending had essentially gotten it into the current crisis in the first place.
In rejecting some conditional benefits restrictions, the Supreme Court issued a few key opinions that placed it distinctly at odds with dominant notions of deservingness.