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The BISP has also issued directions to the deserving women not to hand over their card to any other to avoid any mishandling.
He informed during current month, Bait ul mal gave Rs 100,000 to different NGOs, Rs, 337,000 to 33 deserving and needy persons while scholarship cheques of worth Rs 4,68,000 had been distributed among 18 students.
The Minister said that all payments have been made through mobile phone service on quarterly basis by organizing the department on modern lines due to which the payments have been made to the deserving people nearest to their home in a transparent and honorable manner.
This wonderful couple are an inspiration to the nation and there are no two people I think more deserving of these titles.
Americans became somewhat less likely to say Clinton was deserving of re-election over the course of 1994.
But now the 31-year-old, expecting a child with Coldplay singer Chris Martin, has been voted the least deserving recipient of a Best Actress gong, followed by Halle Berry for Monster's Ball and Cher for Moonstruck.
But now the 31-year-old has been voted the least deserving recipient of a best actress Oscar, followed by Halle Berry for Monster's Ball and Cher for Moonstruck.
Readers of Total Film magazine voted Titanic, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, the Least Deserving Best Picture.
The problem with the concept of `deserving' is that it necessarily implies that there are some who are not deserving.
MOST DESERVING ARTIST/BAND: Destiny's Child/Toploader
However, supervisors must remember that individual acts deserving of praise make up only a small part of an employee's total performance.
The liberal interest in rehabilitation and the conservative penchant for punishment are closely linked to these opposing stances-one of which understands the individual as the potentially malleable product of outside factors, while the other insists that persons, at bottom, are self-made, hence deserving of just rewards and punishments.
If we were to learn otherwise we would not hold him to be deserving of blame.
Teachers of Spanish history and of imperial and naval history will welcome the belated paperback appearance of Carla Phillips' Six Galleons for the King of Spain, a deserving prizewinner in its hardcover incarnation.
BOSTON -- Aerosmith's official Aero Force One fan club is on a mission to find Aerosmith's "Most Deserving Fan