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Synonyms for desertion

Synonyms for desertion

the act of forsaking


Synonyms for desertion

withdrawing support or help despite allegiance or responsibility

the act of giving something up

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Just 637 divorces were granted last year for desertion.
In situating and contextualizing Andersch's desertion the authors have thrown new light on Andersch's texts.
Var of illegal immigrants who was detained soon later of their desertion
A major consideration was whether military officials would be able to prove that Bergdahl had no intention of returning to his unit -- a key element in the desertion charges.
02, Desertion and Unauthorized Absence (UA), which updates policy, responsibilities, and procedures with the intent to "reduce desertion, UA, or designation as absent without leave (AWOL) of military personnel.
Evans, from Newcastle, denied desertion and said he had got drunk on Christmas Day 1914, gone for a walk and had been returning to his platoon when he was arrested on January 15, 1915.
As I elaborate in greater detail below, desertions are in essence political crimes, given that the main "victim" or target of an act of desertion is the state.
Reasons that led to his desertion are sketchy or nonexistent.
Mr Cotton contended there were no cases of desertion against his client.
The military official said Saadeddine's desertion and decision to join "a terrorist organisation" will be referred to the military tribunal.
The military official said Sdeddine's desertion and decision to join "a terrorist organisation" will be referred to the military tribunal.
The 34-year-old was initially charged with desertion 10 years ago after disappearing from his base near Falluja, Iraq, in June 2004 and then turning up in Lebanon a month later claiming he had been kidnapped by militants.
Charges included desertion (walking around dazed and confused suffering from PTSD), cowardice (ditto), or insubordination (any minor action that could be pressed into service as an excuse for execution).
London: A Taiwanese military intelligence officer who fled to Britain and unsuccessfully sought asylum was given a ten-month suspended jail sentence for desertion on Tuesday.