desert soil

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a type of soil that develops in arid climates

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We also hypothesised that vegetation biomass and SOC content would correlate better with the silt + clay content than with the clay content because of the limited clay range in desert soils.
Hu CX, Liu YD, Song L, Zhang DL (2002) Effect of desert soil algae on the stabilization of fine sands.
Aside from crushing the desert soil and damaging plant life--probably the greatest impact--the abandoned vehicles leak toxic fluids into the ground, and discarded lead-acid batteries pose a special threat to wildlife.
Most of the customers are people who grow their own food organically in the High Desert soil.
But there were those who had another vision, a vision of a Jewish state that would shelter its children, defend its sacred homeland, turn its desert soil green and reaffirm the principles of freedom and democracy.
As early as 300 BC, the dry desert soil began yielding crops from the Hohokam people, who spent centuries developing a complex system of irrigation canals, only to mysteriously abandon them around 1450 AD.
So the predominant colours are influenced by desert soil pigments.
At the spot where his son was killed, Suarez gathered a bag of desert soil, which he would take home to California and mix with Mexican soil and American soil and plant a tree in honor of his "guerrero Azteca" - his Aztec warrior - and "in honor of all the boys and the Iraqi victims of the war.
Seto said the dry desert soil is also prone to creating flash-flood conditions.
8 meters (6 feet) beneath dry desert soil, the mummies are remarkably well-preserved.
Valley Fever is a serious infection that usually affects the lungs and is caused by inhaling airborne spores of the cocci fungus, which grows in dry desert soil of the western United States from Washington to Texas, with the bulk of cases occurring in Arizona and California.
2]O consumption rate from another desert soil (~317 ng [N.
Given the endemic challenges it faces -- limited water and desert soil -- the production of fruit and vegetables in the UAE has reached an impressive stage with an astonishing range of produces earning themselves the aACAyfarm-to-plate' honour.
Those are exactly what the new study found when a little perchlorate-the surprise finding from Phoenix - was added to desert soil from Chile containing organics and analyzed in the manner of the Viking tests.
Global climate change is shifting the nature of our deserts faster than plants can evolve, and that doesn't bode well for the desert mosses and lichens that keep desert soil from blowing away in a stiff wind.