desert soil

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a type of soil that develops in arid climates

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We also hypothesised that vegetation biomass and SOC content would correlate better with the silt + clay content than with the clay content because of the limited clay range in desert soils.
The present research tested the survival of bacterial isolates of desert soil under osmotic and drought stress conditions.
Improved establishment and development of three cactus species inoculated with Azospirillum brasilense transplanted into disturbed urban desert soil.
Marragbai Dish has large white flecks oxidised into the surface that suggest desert soil impacted with limestone.
But astrobiologist David Des Marais of NASA-Ames cautions that scientists can't be sure that the desert soil closely resembles the Martian soil.
The conference and the award are some of the radical steps that the government has undertaken to make UAE's landscape abundant in more ways than one by bringing the desert soil alive with the ever-increasing date palm development.
EgyBev's founders hope that through attentive care of the desert soil, grape selection, and vine-tending, they can create a unique style and identity for Karm Al Nada wines, "a taste profile as easily recognisable as that of a Bordeaux versus a Beaujolais," says Hadji-Thomas, while acknowledging that "this will take time".
The conference and the award are some of the steps the government has undertaken to make the UAE's landscape abundant and bring the desert soil alive.
The nitrogen seeps into the rocky desert soil and fertilizes invasive grasses, causing them to fill in the open spaces between the trees.
The dumping of untreated waste on porous desert soil was initially supposed to be a temporary measure, according to a report carried by Al-Madinah Arabic daily quoting former Jeddah Mayor Abdullah Al-Muallami.
The water system also provides the crucial impetus for commerce and farming in a country substantially marked by coarse desert soil and rugged mountainous landscape.
Hu CX, Liu YD, Song L, Zhang DL (2002) Effect of desert soil algae on the stabilization of fine sands.
Aside from crushing the desert soil and damaging plant life--probably the greatest impact--the abandoned vehicles leak toxic fluids into the ground, and discarded lead-acid batteries pose a special threat to wildlife.
My now-overtaxed mind filled with but one question: "Would we be pulled down, into the high thick sage and plow into the desert soil, stopping instantly?
Most of the customers are people who grow their own food organically in the High Desert soil.