desert rat

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any of various leaping rodents of desert regions of North America and Mexico

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Fundraising specialists Raisemore, based at Fort Dunlop, are partnering with the association to create the Desert Rat Museum on the charity's Thetford Forest memorial site, showcasing a collection of original battle pieces.
Twice widowed Joe, who lived in East London's Custom House flats where he was fought with General Montgomery's legendary Desert Rats at El Alamein and Tobruk in North Africa and was promoted to sergeant major.
Having fought in World War II, Richard also was known for his part in the Desert Rats campaign.
Churchill's Desert Rats in North Africa, Burma, Sicily and Italy.
ONE OF THE LAST SURVIVING DESERT RATS REVEALS WWII HORRORS IN NORTH AFRICA AND HOW HE CAME CLOSE TO SEEING CHURCHILL Brum soldier Bob Brighton tells ALISON STACEY about his time as a Desert Rat and helping to fix General Monty's boots DING in the blistering heat of the desert, the sun beat down on the hundreds of men lining the route to Tripoli in Libya.
Born in 1937, I don't remember my father going off to war to become a Desert Rat in the Eighth Army fighting Rommel in the North African desert, but as I grew older I began to understand more.
Desert Rat Albert Hooker as a |young soldier, top right, and right, with Gordon Brown last year
SCOTLAND'S oldest surviving Desert Rat has just celebrated his 103rd birthday.
Gerry said he was "stunned" to hear of his Desert Rat pal's survival after his daughter wrote about it in a military magazine.
Mr Lowe, now aged 74, of Sutton Road, Moxley, who worked for his uncle Jack, a former desert rat, for 23 years, said: "As a kid, I used to have to ride on top of the steps in the back of his van.
The recent 60th anniversary of VJ day brought back vivid wartime memories for one Desert Rat who helped decode secret Nazi messages.
I SERVED in the Iraq war as a Desert Rat in the liberation of Basra with the 1st Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and I think it is disgusting that it has been two years past and I still have not received my medal.
FOUR North Wales soldiers serving in the Gulf were last night awarded the famous Desert Rat shoulder badge.
Karen Bell, 22, a Lance Bombardier with the Third Royal Horse Artillery, is in Basra with the Seventh Armoured Brigade - the Desert Rats.
IF Second World War Desert Rat Ian Aitchison was 75 years old, as we stated, he would have been only 14 when the war ended.