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a boot reaching halfway up to the knee

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Bought shoes outdoor summer, outdoor desert boots and shoes of the ship.
Today Bobbies continues to reinvent the classics with their quirky twist, and gives a new lease of life to desert boots, ankle boots, ballerina flats, slippers and, of course, as always, the iconic driving shoe.
From women's pea coats and Chung-style shifts to men's Desert boots and knitted ties - the 'true Brit look' is set to become the zeitgeist of 2013.
He wore long pants, desert boots, and used a horsehide he found to stretch over his cot to keep the cold from creeping into his bones during the cold desert nights.
50, both Primark Duffle jacket pounds 55, polo shirt pounds 22, jeans pounds 45, desert boots pounds 48, sunglasses pounds 13, all Next Cord jacket pounds 85, stripe shirt pounds 25, chinos pounds 32, dhoes pounds 25, all Next Oatmeal Parka pounds 135 Label Lab, Khaki vintage wash T-shirt pounds 18 Jack & Jones, navy Dawson slim-fit combat trousers pounds 55 Label Lab, all House of Fraser Shirt pounds 8, T-shirt pounds 6, jeans pounds 12.
JEEP - its very mention has me digging out my khaki shorts and desert boots as I fantasise about some distant gruelling rally.
Desert boots come in suede, and are available in black, chocolate and pale grey.
Amanda keeps her girly outfit from being too presh with a pair of trendy desert boots and socks.
Go the whole military hog and play down a sequinned dress with a mannish army jacket or tough desert boots.
Makes you wonder why the families of forces serving in Iraq went on to e-bay to purchase flack-jackets, desert boots, rifle night-sights and the like.
We had no flak jackets, no desert boots, no radios.
Then he was 33, a soft-spoken man who wore a tan corduroy jacket and desert boots, smiled often and seemed to get as much pleasure reading to us as we got from listening to him.
After that I went through a phase of wearing desert boots and a sheepskin jacket three sizes too big.
To complement the Refined Casual perspective, M+O(TM) offers a select assortment of timeless third-party brands: Ray-Ban sunglasses, Clarks desert boots, Tretorn sneakers, Malia Mills swimwear and Havaianas sandals, also available for purchase on MartinandOsa.
Part 3 round tender Desert Boots 800 pairs (+ 100%).