desert boot

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a boot reaching halfway up to the knee

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On the heels of the 60th anniversary of the Desert Boot in 2009, Clarks announces the rebirth of two iconic styles, now as children's footwear.
While I love a desert boot and sneakers alike, there's no more adult feeling than when I lace up my Florsheim Wingtip Imperials.
NW3 cropped crombie, pounds 189; ladybird brooch, pounds 29; Fitzjohn sweater, pounds 59; and slim trouser, pounds 110; Fitzjohn brogue, pounds 169 Bpounds eret, pounds 35; NW3 pleat frill shirt, pounds 99; NW3 Georgia tier dress, 169; raspberry necklace, pounds 49; Fitzjohn studded lace-up, pounds 179 Trilby, pounds 49; Georgia T-shirt, pounds 35; Georgia cropped trousers, pounds 110; Georgia desert boot, pounds 179, and baystone bag, pounds 149 NW an W3 dove bow headband, pounds 29; wyldes sweater, pounds 69; NW3 pennington belt, pounds 29; dove trousers, pounds 110; short lace sock, pounds 6; nd Fitzjohn desert peep toe (just seen) pounds 169
Through the years the Desert Boot has become a cult classic, selling over 12 million pairs worldwide.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Kit Bag Universal Spoon Desert Boot Putti
These retro flats with crepe soles are just about as geeky as you can get and are the latest relaunch from Clarks Originals who are seeing much success with their retro styles, particularly the Desert Boot.
Department of Defense has invoked its option to "surge" Wellco's production and shipment of boots, primarily the Desert boot currently used by Armed Forces personnel in Iraq and the all-leather combat boot.
We will also snap up the American version of the desert boot.
have come together, adding an outdoorsy spin to the Clarks Desert Boot.
His styles were basic - a girlie one with a polka-dot lining and a blokey-style desert boot.
The family-owned footwear firm are setting up a facility at their headquarters in Street, Somerset, to make their iconic desert boots, creating 80 jobs.
The facility in Street will have the capacity to produce 300,000 pairs of the retailer's iconic Desert Boots, and will apply "robotassisted" technology to specific shoe constructions for the first time.
The family-owned footwear firm is setting up a facility at its headquarters in Street, Somerset, to make its iconic desert boots, creating 80 jobs.