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Synonyms for desensitizing

making less susceptible or sensitive to either physical or emotional stimuli

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Common procedures used to decrease dentinal hypersensitivity are the use of desensitizing agent that occlude or desensitize tubules.
Objective: Dentin desensitizing agents are used in the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity, which is defined as a painful response in the exposed dentin to stimuli that are thermal, evaporative, tactile, osmotic, or chemical.
Studies in vitro and in vivo have shown a reduction of dye penetration after the application of desensitizing agents.
Desensitizing agents work by altering the levels of charged molecules in the dentin fluid.
The vendor initially told us that it would install the desensitizing unit in October, but in September we received a phone call informing us that it was very close to being shipped.
The film's detractors had said the graphic violence in ``The Passion'' was desensitizing, but audiences, witnessing the horror of their own sins, had their sensitivities heightened.
Men have been using desensitizing sprays or creams for years.
The treatment works by desensitizing the animals' immune system to a protein residing within their blood vessels.
With prohomosexual activist Linda Ellerbee hosting and producing its Nick News programming, Nickelodeon has burst onto the scene as a venue for desensitizing youth on homosexual matters.
Although this process may not represent an intentional component of the police training process, desensitizing future veteran officers to the use of force begins with this type of conditioning.
SelfCheck also works without the desensitizing process, however.
The specific product segments analyzed are Regular Toothpaste, Anti-Caries Toothpaste, Children's Toothpaste, Desensitizing Toothpaste, Gum Protection Toothpaste, Multi-Benefit Toothpaste, Tartar Control Toothpaste, Whitening Toothpaste, and Others.
has introduced a tooth desensitizing gel that was developed to meet the growing demand for a product capable of immediately eliminating tooth sensitivity associated with eating food that is cold, sweet or hot, according to David Fishman, vice president at the company.
The use of desensitizing toothpaste can also decrease and/or eliminate dentin hypersensitivity.
Numerous desensitizing agents have been clinically tested over several decades in an effort to alleviate discomfort from cervical dentin hypersensitivity.