desensitization technique

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a technique used in behavior therapy to treat phobias and other behavior problems involving anxiety

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During free time, the in vitro desensitization technique can be practiced.
The product's clinically proven safety of use enables the application of effective desensitization techniques (the efficacy of which is acknowledged worldwide) in the most severe forms of the allergy.
Likewise, exposure therapy is effective because it encourages patients to reprocess the trauma in a controlled, supportive environment that often links negative traumatic experiences with pleasant thoughts and ideas - especially when reciprocal inhibition or desensitization techniques are used.
Since all recipients in the study received a matched kidney, expensive and potentially risky therapies such as desensitization techniques were not necessary.
Treatments covered include desensitization techniques, therapy groups, medications, and complementary therapies.
Integration of hypnotic and systematic desensitization techniques in the treatment of phobias: A case report.