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the process of reducing sensitivity

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Sometimes a calming supplement can be useful alongside this desensitisation programme to reduce the stress your dog will be experiencing in the early stages.
The type of desensitisation patients receive depends on their DSA level, which is measured by mean fluorescence intensity (MFI).
Other treatments control the symptoms, but desensitisation offers a potential cure, and has the added benefit of reducing the risk of the 'allergic march'".
Although the study was small, the team from Addenbrooke's Hospital, in Cambridge, said it represents the world's first successful peanut desensitisation programme.
The trial team said it represents the world's first successful peanut desensitisation programme.
The commonest treatment for a spider phobia is either behavioural therapy using desensitisation and graded exposure or hypnotherapy.
Now he's into eye-movement desensitisation and reprocessing, a laser-light show that supposedly hot-wires the synapses of your grey matter.
According to the airline the programme consists of an introductory session followed by an eight-week course that uses education, systematic desensitisation and relaxation to reduce nervousness and anxiety related to air travel.
With this came a loosening of the intellectual and experiential bonds of connection and the fragmentation of the world into isolated objects and lonely individuals, and the desensitisation that accepted the ravaging of the natural and manmade worlds.
This study investigated the effect of Systematic Desensitisation (SD) therapy on the reduction of test anxiety on some identified test anxious students.
I wonder if any of your readers feel, as I do, a great distress at the increased noise nuisance and pollution in our society in shops and public places, and the increasing desensitisation which it encourages in our population.
To date, no food allergy desensitisation treatments are currently marketed for the treatment of food allergies such as peanut allergy.
The assets include the investigational oral biologic desensitisation therapy for peanut allergy, named AR101, which is presently in phase three clinical development.
Desensitisation Many allergy clinics offer desensitisation treatments.
These effects include the desensitisation of radar in the vicinity of the turbines and the creation of 'false' aircraft returns which air traffic controllers must treat as real in certain circumstances.