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Synonyms for desegregation

the act, process, or result of abolishing racial segregation


Synonyms for desegregation

the action of incorporating a racial or religious group into a community

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Proposals is to award contracts for Legal Services related to Desegregation that are in addition to already
The History of Boston Busing and Desegregation curriculum marks the 40th anniversary of the decision--which was controversial in 1974--to desegregate city schools and allow children to be bussed outside of their neighborhoods.
Partly because of the settlement in that federal desegregation suit, the Little Rock district has seen a revenue decrease, from $348 million in 2012 to $328 million this year.
Professor Christine Rossell of Boston University, a leading student of desegregation, analyzed the data for the state and found that of the districts under court order, 4 saw a "miniscule" increase in segregation while 16 had measurable reductions.
Largely forgotten at home for decades, Waring is now being remembered for the role he played in school desegregation.
The collapse of official opposition to desegregation did not mean that other forms of resistance disappeared, however.
Our goal has always been to obtain information on the voucher program on a timely basis and to facilitate implementation of the program consistent with the state's desegregation obligations.
In fact, we have been giving up on desegregation for a long time.
In 1982, another dimension was added to the multi-district desegregation saga when the Little Rock School District, joined by the Joshua Intervenors, filed a new lawsuit charging that the collective practices of the Pulaski County School District, the North Little Rock School district and the State of Arkansas exacerbated racial segregation in Little Rock and Pulaski County.
Further, many were not convinced that desegregation would, in the long run, be good for the black community or for black learners.
To commemorate UF's desegregation, the university honored desegregation pioneers during its Constitution Day Program September 17, which included Starke, Mickle, and relatives of the late Virgil Hawkins.
Standing on the state capitol grounds, it gives tribute to a historic desegregation battle that helped change this nation just over fifty years ago.
Nonetheless, Orfield develops a thought-provoking critique of the courts' rulings by focusing on how they impeded desegregation campaigns in the South and enabled resegregation efforts.
Herring, in addition to his role in the creation of the North Carolina Community College System, also served as the chairman of the State Board of Education during the tumultuous time of desegregation.
In Louisville, the school board had a voluntary desegregation program that mandated that no school could have a student population that was more than 50 percent or less than 15 percent Black.