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treated with contempt

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He had wrested the sacred knife from La; he had lain sacreligious hands upon the High Priestess of the Flaming God; he had desecrated the altar and the temple.
And, indeed, when Flambeau crossed the hill that morning, he saw that strange being, the just miser, digging at the desecrated grave, the plaid round his throat thrashing out in the mountain wind; the sober top hat on his head.
Unexpectedly Mrs Verloc had desecrated the unbroken reserved decency of her home by a shrill and terrible shriek.
When she pleaded to me her youth, and his wretched and hard life (that was her phrase for the virtuous training he had belied), and the desecrated ceremony of marriage there had secretly been between them, and the terrors of want and shame that had overwhelmed them both when I was first appointed to be the instrument of their punishment, and the love (for she said the word to me, down at my feet) in which she had abandoned him and left him to me, was it my enemy that became my footstool, were they the words of my wrath that made her shrink and quiver
According to the Bulgarian media, around 200 mosques were desecrated over the past two decades in Bulgaria," the text goes on.
PARIS, Feb 18 (KUNA) -- A second French cemetery was desecrated here within a two-day period, with dozens of graves damaged in an act Tuesday described as "revolting" by authorities, an Interior Ministry statement said Wednesday.
HEARTLESS thugs who desecrated the grave of one of the nation's first leaders WT Cosgrave were slammed yesterday.
Summary: The grave of one of Syria's most popular rebel leaders has been desecrated by ISIS militants who object to tomb markings as a type of blasphemy, anti-regime activists said Sunday.
ISLAMABAD -- Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui of Islamabad High Court (IHC) has remarked no harm should be caused to I-8/1 graveyard and nor should the graves be desecrated in Metro Bus Project (MBP).
Janey Croall, who father's memorial was damaged, said "Whoever did this has desecrated these graves.
He stormed: "Ireland will be left with a landscape desecrated and littered with large decaying turbines and a corporate ghost estate across our lovely country.
The President said that it was incumbent upon all parties in the conflict in Syria to ensure that the sanctity of holy shrines and places of worship was maintained and these were not desecrated.
Summary: Jaffa: Attackers desecrated graves in an Arab Christian cemetery in Jaffa and damaged property nearby, .
Jameel Al-Salihi, the manager of the Criminal Investigation Department, or CID, said that local newspapers had originally reported the story, speaking with locals in Medina Al-Umal, a neighborhood in Hodeida, who said that they found desecrated copies of the Quran in the trash cans.
Feiglin's visit comes at a sensitive time in the West Bank after an Israeli officer desecrated the Holy Quran by kicking a copy of the holy Quran with his foot Sunday.