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Synonyms for descry

Synonyms for descry

to perceive and fix the identity of, especially with difficulty

to perceive, especially barely or fleetingly

to perceive with a special effort of the senses or the mind

Synonyms for descry

catch sight of


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If it were possible to forecast with any degree of accuracy, one might be able to descry a slowing economy from an examination of economic data, and perhaps adjust portfolios accordingly.
Among those paintings that Eller ascribes shrewdly--if controversially--to Giorgione is the Oxford Madonna and Child, in which he claims to descry a signature.
It is a commonplace today to descry our separation from nature, and there are definitely limits to what we can do about it.
However, as suggested by the ghoulish irony of euphemisms drawn from a breakfast cereal and children's song, references to popular culture in the poetry--mainly Hollywood films and other products of mass consumer culture--tend to descry its mercenary artificiality, glibness and hypocrisy.
Maybe those who descry people for looking backwards in a nostalgic those-were the-days way are actually the new bores - for how can it be interesting to live as unthinkingly as many do today?
Let's call the Imagination a cloud-capped mountain: for the tourist-reader the most prominent scenic feature, and for Emma herself an eminence from which she can descry and predict the busy activities of her neighbors.
3) We should not attempt to box him into a faith tradition or pigeonhole him as a secret believer--to descry traces of his childhood Catholicism, for instance, although he has spoken fondly of his religious upbringing.
Many years after writing Godot, in his short play Catastrophe, Beckett was to have his director-protagonist descry this "craze for explicitation
For now, what we have, especially in the monumental German edition of Chertomlyk, is a platform from which to assess evidence and descry potential evidence relating to the Scythian phenomenon.
By this event, when we sailed out next morning, we could not descry any of the vessels.
Indeed, innocence is predicated throughout Pifer's text as a lure that it is the modern novelist's task to dismantle: peering beyond the veil, we must descry the `reality' however dark.
we should descry at least 50,000,000 of Nigritians, steeped in irredeemable ignorance and savagism; inhabiting the very countries where history first finds them.
The availability of defeasible generalizations also means that particularists can do more than endorse or descry the use of various concepts when trying to make progress in illuminating the moral landscape.
In the famous opening section, "On the Philosophic Method of the Americans," he writes that although there is "no country in the civilized world where [people] are less occupied with philosophy than in the United States," one can nevertheless descry a distinctively American--and by implication, distinctively democratic--outlook and "philosophic method.
It may, for a phase, have become fashionable to decry Kipling, but to descry the real and considerable merit of his work read Eliot's A Choice of Kipling's Verse, and its precedent essay.