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the phonological or orthographic sound or appearance of a word that can be used to describe or identify something

a piece of stored information that is used to identify an item in an information storage and retrieval system

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Prior to Inuit, a limited number of alternate spellings and nicknames for descriptors were in place; however, the tool has a database that has expanded the number exponentially.
Over fitting phenomenon occurs when exceedingly large number of descriptors was used in the generation of the best multi linear model for a given property [15].
In this frame, Danish scientists have tested the potential of NMR spectroscopy as a predictive tool to measure sensory descriptors.
It is impossible to calculate descriptors directly for the entire macromolecules because all polymers have high molecular weights and wide distribution of molecular weights (15).
50] data using chemical descriptors either alone (conventional models) or combined with biological descriptors derived from the concentration-response qHTS data (hybrid models).
Key words: coocurrence matrix, laws, roughness, texture descriptors, material classification
Fourier descriptors describe the shape in terms of its spatial frequency content.
1] is sufficient for the isokinetic exercises analysis, a better resolution was chosen for a better precision of the biomechanical descriptors calculus.
The research therefore made special note of the adoption of descriptors in the UK and Norwegian translating and interpreting accreditation examination systems and the American Translators Association's move towards using descriptors.
Are volunteered and endorsed descriptors of recalled breathlessness consistent with descriptors of exercise-induced breathlessness?
Keywords: Three dimensional shapes, Gauss mapping, 3 D Space descriptors
Especially when you consider that the human body has harmonics and resonances it finds pleasing, others it finds disconcerting, and still more that fall under a number of descriptors ranging from "great" to "awful.
CANADIAN tobacco companies have voluntarily agreed to remove descriptors such as 'light', 'mild' and similar variations from their cigarette packaging from next summer.
For instance, some will use descriptors of the surroundings such as urban or rural, or trees, water, and mountains to define camp.