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(ethics) a doctrine holding that moral statements have a truth value

(linguistics) a doctrine supporting or promoting descriptive linguistics

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Vitriolic language appears in the descriptivist camp, as well.
would we best characterize analytic or descriptivist alternatives?
To support his claim, the descriptivist may call attention to
In a way, this descriptivist is entirely unmoved by the difference
Garner declares himself "a prescriber who uses descriptivist methods--in effect, a descriptive prescriber," which lends his observations a better-reasoned air than many on the subject.
Walsh, a copy editor at the Washington Post, notes when it comes to language and grammar interpretation there are prescriptivists and descriptivists.
Millians cannot account for the behavior of names in hyperintensional contexts, while descriptivists cannot generate a necessary contrast between intensional and hyperintensional contexts.
Because of the extra work, descriptivist students end up with a truer and more complete understanding of the English language.
It goes without saying that the vanguard of the descriptivist party is to be found in academia, though in fact the claims on behalf of the equality of all dialects--and, therefore, on behalf of the de-"privileging" of standard English--go back a long way.
Neodescriptivists like Frank Jackson and David Lewis think that they are in a far better position to tackle the problems that led Frege and Russell to their descriptivist accounts of reference than neo-Millians.