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(ethics) a doctrine holding that moral statements have a truth value

(linguistics) a doctrine supporting or promoting descriptive linguistics

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Prescriptivism exemplified the doctrine of correctness; descriptivism embodied the doctrine of usage.
dispute this formulation of descriptivism, but it is not the only one
One might think that descriptivism could be applied to just moral predicates and hope that our intuitions concerning Kripke's objections will not be as strong with respect to moral predicates, but a restricted descriptivism about moral predicates seems to fare no better than a broader descriptivist theory about kind terms.
If seeing is the transmogrification of matter into image and ideation, then this process is inevitably distorted by subjectivity, making descriptivism a scarcely neutral process.
The complex analytical typology for Palaeolithic stone tools developed by Laplace in the mid 1960s, or the somewhat simpler scheme used by Francois Bordes, both depended on quantification ('the attention given to artefacts and their inter-relationships, under influence from the long history of collecting, rapidly degenerated on all fronts into a frenzied descriptivism which the advent of the calculator, far from alleviating, simply accentuated' (Cleuziou & Demoule 1980: 8)).
His morphological analysis is based on American descriptivism, with borrowings from European structuralism; however, a brief introduction to the morphological concepts he uses would have helped orient the reader.
Predicativism flies in the face of the widely accepted view that names in argument position are referential, whether that be Millian referentialism, direct reference theories, or even Fregean descriptivism.
Factualist descriptivism is the view that epistemic modal talk serves to describe reality, i.
Actually, the linguistics one finds in these pages is by-and-large good old-fashioned American descriptivism of the 1950s, generally the gospel a la Bloomfield, though he is never mentioned, and (as already noted, supra) new terms that help obscure many links with the past have been coined whenever possible (e.
Metalinguistic Descriptivism for Millians, ALEXIS BURGESS
Shunning both rigid and out-of-date prescriptivism and undiluted descriptivism, this essay is amazingly lucid and balanced--virtually worth the price of the book.
PHILIP ATKINS, "A Defense of Millian Descriptivism.
With the resulting rule, we can not only give a more detailed reply to the counterexamples to descriptivism, but also explain the informative contents of proper names and why they are rigid designators in contrast with descriptions.
Here Crittenden makes an important positive contribution, an alternative view that like Kripke's and Putnam's resists traditional descriptivism but does not make the essence of a natural kind await scientific discovery.
Descriptivism entailed that, for reference to occur, the definite description underlying a name must be analytically true of the object to which that name refers.