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Synonyms for descriptive

Synonyms for descriptive

serving to describe

Antonyms for descriptive

serving to describe or inform or characterized by description

describing the structure of a language

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On site monitoring of the types, numbers, and nature of SW bins available in each college or buildings were descriptively assessed.
Critique: An inherently fascinating read from beginning to end, "Idiot Boys: A Memoir" is a deftly crafted and exceptionally personal account that is both descriptively singular and recognizably universal.
Generally, the best practice is to not use more of the name than necessary to descriptively refer to the game.
The author has some lovely turns of phrase and writes very descriptively but spends many pages telling readers about plot developments instead of showing them.
If a carrier, for whatever valid underwriting reasons refuses the "named insured" option, then the non-owner needs at a minimum an HO-4 (renter's policy) or, if available, the descriptively named HO 04 58: Other Members of Your Household.
Thin-barked trees like red maples, beeches, birches, magnolias, dogwoods and all the fruit trees, including their ornamental forms, can be subject to a weather-related injury descriptively called bark-splitting.
That's hyperbole, but what language is more apt for that celestial instrument inhabiting the woman's throat, which evades any English adjective and can be justified descriptively only by the Tagalog word "halimaw"?
The first book to treat the UN's aviation experience, doing so both descriptively and critically, covering the organization's needs and means, its challenges and weaknesses.
Part I descriptively catalogs response and recovery at the local level.
Descriptively "middle class" may be accurate enough as a phrase--there was a plebs media at Rome--but Mayer's views imply, if not demand, a social and aesthetic homogeneity across the Mediterranean that is at odds with the inherent regionalism, cultural diversity, and geographical development over time of Rome's empire.
All three books are captivating portrayals of contemporary life in the Western Isles, highly evocative, descriptively rich with well–drawn characters.
She writes very descriptively about the smell of decay after battle, the perfume of cigarette smoke, the taste of chocolate, and the sight of a countryside littered with the dead after a bombing run.
The radiological manifestations are descriptively termed spondylo-epi-metaphyseal dysplasia (SEMD).
This has a parallel of sorts in the field of industrial relations, where paid trade union leaders, their organisational agency and their often uneasy relationship with rank-and-filers, activists and honorary officials, has long been a topic of interest, both descriptively and prescriptively.
Indeed, the inclusion of a great number of illustrations permits the argument to be developed visually as well as descriptively.