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a grammar that is produced by descriptive linguistics

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The topics addressed include: descriptive grammar, pragmatics, and discourse analysis.
Descriptive grammar is a description (not a theory) of language structures and their frequencies, communication functions (meanings), and associative patterns of words or structures with other language items.
Explicit study of descriptive grammar has several essential benefits for ESL/EFL teachers.
It is important to emphasize that the role of descriptive grammar would be to help teachers discover what English structure looks like in actual language use (not idealized language use), and to learn how to analyze and evaluate their students' language use.
This type of applied language analysis exercise would be used in a TESL/TEFL program two main ways: a) in a descriptive grammar course that familiarizes teachers with the English language system for later use in materials development and learner assessment, and b) in other courses (e.
a) Teachers could compare a sample of their own language use (how they use coordinators) with the descriptive grammar (this would raise their awareness of how their English language skills meet or contradict expected language patterns);
Apart from giving rise to different linguistic analyses, these are proverbially difficult subjects to teach in a descriptive grammar class based entirely on syntactic criteria.
However, this view would seem to require a modification in the evaluation of the whom + stranded preposition construction from the perspective of descriptive grammar as represented by the CGEL.
grammatical -- as is unanimously done in descriptive grammars and dictionaries -- then there is no syntactic reason to judge
concentrates on the history of the language, the present publication supplements both in offering a reliable descriptive grammar, which, moreover, has valuable section on the mostly badly neglected syntax.
It is represented by some thirty-five dialects, of which only the dialect of Lamalera (on Lembata island) has been the object of a descriptive grammar.
Following this, Hudak gives a brief, but helpful, descriptive grammar characterizing the phonology and syntax of the dialect.
The author and his Uyghur informant collaborated to prepare an excellent, substantial descriptive grammar and 15 dialogue units for the modern Uyghur language as indigenous speakers use it mainly in eastern Turkistan (Xinjiang), China.
Eighteenth-century English grammars were predominantly prescriptive, whereas descriptive grammars were rare.
Asher's and Kumari's Malayalam is the twenty-third and latest volume in Routledge's Descriptive Grammars series, and the third Dravidian language to appear in that series.
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