descriptive geometry

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the geometry of properties that remain invariant under projection

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One of the main "disadvantages" of the plan views specific to the descriptive geometry is the difficulty to suggest space intuitively (Standiford, K.
Using the computer in study of the descriptive geometry can be an efficient method providing a correct application.
An Analytical introduction to Descriptive Geometry, Available from: http:// meeng.
Descriptive Geometry, Thompson Delmar Learning, ISBN 0766811239, New York, USA
In the descriptive geometry, the computer may be used in two ways: for problems 2D solving according to the manual methods, the computer replacing only the drawing tools, and for problems 3D modeling, respectively, by emphasizing 3D solutions (Ryan, D.
Under these conditions, the descriptive geometry study should consist in two training stages; the first including essential elements and the second the advanced elements.
Four-dimensional models can be the new way of teaching more efficient descriptive geometry and engineering graphics.
The traditional way of teaching descriptive geometry and engineering graphics with pencil, T-square and triangles will be more and more replaced by electronic data processing.
All embody that quintessential Morphosis conjecture of ground and urban form, of descriptive geometry and appropriated or invented objects.
This area of research, using a mathematical approach of descriptive geometry on TEM aggregate images taken under different angles of the electron beam has successfully shown [ref.
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