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an adjective that ascribes to its noun the value of an attribute of that noun (e

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N compounding: The formatives of these compounds are descriptive adjectives + nouns.
All year long I've been hearing about Micko trying to find expletives and descriptive adjectives for his second team so I presume he will probably put his first team out against us.
Holland in the spring is a mecca for flower lovers the world over - a colorful landscape of such astounding beauty as to render dull indeed the most descriptive adjectives penned by lowly travel scribes.
The production of list after list of descriptive adjectives does not contribute to our understanding, therefore the next logical step in the process is to systematically reduce the present lists to more comprehensive components in order to develop useful measures of phantom limb phenomena.
Recently, Grade 3 students have learned the art concept of creating expressions; in doing so, they received a lesson in creative writing, descriptive adjectives and sequencing.
Franklin's six lectures, which make frequent reference to literature and visual art, became six chapters, several with descriptively "late-romantic titles" replete with natural imagery, allusions to emotion, and descriptive adjectives.
In non-polite company the descriptive adjectives have fewer syllables.
THE descriptive adjectives used by far Left political activists has always provided me with a source of amusement.
Having students label sections of the piece with their own descriptive adjectives can help them create a successful performance and lay the groundwork for interpretation, a skill that will be developed more fully when students progress to more difficult repertoire.
The ESOL teachers developed a curriculum that would help their students learn what they would need to tell their own stories; for example, lots of descriptive adjectives, Ms.
Appendices list action verbs, descriptive adjectives, and qualifying adverbs.
Totally" habitually is applied to descriptive adjectives in an attempt to enhance them.
If the control object stays within stability bounds, these changes will significantly affect descriptive adjectives of the object.
Including descriptive adjectives can turn everyday mashed potatoes into "creamy, whipped mashed potatoes," and a yogurt parfait into a "silken yogurt parfait.
There are far more descriptive adjectives and far more cutting ways to hurl an insult than resorting to the usual four letter single syllable words.
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