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Synonyms for descry

Synonyms for descry

to perceive and fix the identity of, especially with difficulty

to perceive, especially barely or fleetingly

to perceive with a special effort of the senses or the mind

Synonyms for descry

catch sight of


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As the day broke Indians were descried in considerable number on the bluffs, three or four miles down the river.
As they jogged through the streets talking of this thing and of that, who should be descried upon the pavement but that very coachmaker, looking so genteel that nobody would have believed he had ever had anything to do with a coach but riding in it, and bowing like any nobleman.
Decades later, when reporting on the 2002 communal riots in Gujarat, Dora Moraes descried the Hindu fundamentalist 'invitations to violence' that generated the riots and the killings.
Alter the first introduction "The economy and environment" links is descried in the second one.
Service Areas Should Include All Areas Of New Hampshire As Descried Above And Major Metropolitan Areas Of The United States.
He further descried the visit, of the Ugandan president as "important".
Previously descried as an embarrassment to Birmingham, the fountain in front of the Council House has been completely dry since 2013.
He thanked his wife, Nina, and their 18-month-old son, Wilfred who he descried as a"veteran campaigner already".
As the news of the two militants' execution broke, the social media exploded with applause from the people across all walks of life, who descried it as the sole solution to the menace of terrorism.
On the events in Dammaj area in Sa'ada province, Muscheidt descried the fighting in there as a "humanitarian disaster", urging all parties to allow humanitarian organizations to have access to the area to provide their humanitarian services.
He descried as "very comical, laughable," his wife's testimony, as read by the prosecutor.
The explosions at the Mahabodhi Temple complex was descried as a 'terror' attack by the Centre.
Mansouri urged the private sector to play a vital role in driving a new phase of relations between the UAE and Japan, which he descried as the world leader in advanced technology and aviation research.
Michael Spindelegger, who descried his counterpart Prince Saud Al Faisal as "the most experienced and veteran foreign minister in the world," said that Saudi-Austria relations are excellent and that the two countries support each other on issues of mutual interest, with special reference to political issues, cultural economy and interfaith dialogue.