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  • verb

Synonyms for describe

Synonyms for describe

to give a verbal account of

Synonyms for describe

to give an account or representation of in words

Related Words

make a mark or lines on a surface

identify as in botany or biology, for example

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It seems it's still delighting reviewers to this day, with over 70% of guests describing it as "excellent".
Before describing her study, Zach provides a definition of a case study, its historical development, and its use in LIS research.
Structural Biology of Bacterial Pathogenesis, by Gabriel Waksman, Michael Caparon, and Scott Hultgren, is a state-of-the-art treatise describing the known molecular mechanisms by which bacterial pathogens actively probe, sense, and respond to their environment through 2-component systems and through sigma and anti-sigma factors.
The next 900 pages are divided into eight sections describing specific geographical and geological areas, both offshore and onshore: East Irish Sea Fields, Atlantic Margin Fields, Viking Graben Fields, Moray Firth Fields, Central Graben Fields, southern North Sea Gas Fields, East Midlands Basin Fields, Weald and Wessex Basin Fields.
She highlights the mutuality of the interaction by describing an interactive lesson as an example of how theater can be used to teach academic or social subjects.
A historian with the Naval Historical Center, this author has produced a well-written book describing the experiences of the crews that went to war in Southeast Asia.
Continues with the processing of kraft pulp by describing how unbleached pulp is turned into bright, white pulp for use in products such as fine papers and milk cartons.
By analogy, proteomics has the formidable task or describing extremely large sets of proteins, or "proteomes," within organisms.
The number of individuals in very different jobs describing the importance of keeping up-to-date in their fields is quite effective.
Schooler has since adopted a contrasting explanation, which posits that the act of describing a face replaces unconscious perceptual operations with word-based, largely conscious thinking.
Nader kicks off the narrative describing his decision to mount a second presidential run, picks up speed as his effort gets underway and old friends pledge support.
These new techniques of geometrical-algebraic analysis opened the way for the great breakthrough of Leibniz's calculus, and it is significant that in a letter written to Huygens in 1691 Leibniz admitted the debt that contemporary mathematicians owed to the Greek tradition, describing his calculus as "giving us all the advantages over Archimedes that Viete and Descartes have given us over Apollonius" (738).
69-21 in describing the process of software development in terms of "all costs properly attributable to the development of software.
Visually impaired people will have a way to ``see'' this year's Tournament of Roses parade, with help from local volunteers describing the action.
When describing the categories with respect to those parties, you are required to state only that you make disclosures to other nonaffiliated third parties as permitted by law.