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In section 3, we describe how corpus analysis techniques can be used to analyze larger samples of audio description and develop a preliminary classification of ways in which describers convey information about characters' mental states.
Andrea Wasserman, director of Hart House Theatre' s production of Hamlet, worked with Paul Leishman, the audio describer, to create, develop, and perform an alternative audio description strategy that would remain true to the director's initial vision, entertain the audience, use stylistically similar dialogue, provide an additional avenue for audience members (sighted and visually impaired) to access meaning, and be seamlessly incorporated into the entertainment experience.
He will be the secondary describer for "Flashdance,'' with Sitten, who works at the Perkins School for the Blind, the primary describer.
Although it is much easier for audio describers to cooperate directly with directors from the same country, as was the case with Udo and Fels (2009), it is much more difficult with foreign films, especially those by world-famous directors.
HELP AT HAND Audio describer Veronica Fyland works with people with visual impairments
has a key describer mode enabling user familiarisation with the Victor Stream's functions
It is not unusual to find the same physical being described as "naive" and "sophisticated," as "innocent" and "savvy," depending on the describer.
As readers, we spend almost 300 pages in the company of Bobby-the-life-loser, and yet his company, as a product describer notes on Amazon.
Phelps certainly offers a contribution to liberal Protestantism in her works of fiction--Reynolds labels her as "the most famous describer of Heaven" (202)--but her social reform ideology isn't as readily apparent in her biographical account of Jesus, nor is her ultimate purpose clear in selecting this mode for her writing, other than such an account by an author of her stature was almost guaranteed to be a bestseller in the late nineteenth century, and it may have conceivably reached a different audience than her fiction did.
Still in 2002, Laykin develops an automatic classification devices for vegetal products on the basis of colour describer, all of that while valuing the mean and standard deviation of all pixels in the product area.
While both the described and the describer elements (or the tenor and the vehicle in the case of metaphors) are evoked, it is the implicit goal of these figures to provide further information about the described using the describer.
For a longer discussion of this attentiveness, See Peter Levi, John Clare and Thomas Hardy (London: University of London, The Athlone Press, 1975), which focuses on the ac-curacy of Clare's descriptions and juxtaposes him with Hardy, another great describer of landscapes.
Popular Maestro features like a contextual key describer and the possibility of using an external infrared keyboard are also available.
Each description fits the feelings of the describer and the use the writer had in mind for the description.
An additional bonus to this extraordinary book is Ardoin's capacities, previously unknown to me, as a critic, appreciator, and describer of ballet performance.