descending colon

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the part of the large intestine that descends from the transverse colon to the sigmoid colon

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Work-up included colonoscopy, which demonstrated extrinsic compression of the descending colon.
Extended Preoperative DiagnosisSite of Involvement Other Clinical Data NA Multiple nodules NA within 25 cm from the anal verge Sigmoiditis Descending colon Hx of myelodysplasia.
The fistula was identified between the lower pole of the kidney and descending colon, and it was disconnected from the colon and excised.
The appendices epiploicae are lobular pedunculated subserosal fatty masses projecting from the anterior and posterolateral walls of the ascending and descending colon.
1) More commonly, a normal intramural fat layer is seen in the terminal ileum and descending colon.
Plain abdominal X-ray showed numerous opacities scattered within the small intestine, ileocecal valve, and descending colon (Figure 1).
The race of interval CRCs was higher after sigmoidoscopy than colonoscopy in all locations: the descending colon (18.
A review of the earlier segmental resection of the descending colon revealed that its pathologic pattern was similar to those of both the tonsillar and FNAC specimens.
hominissuis in tissues of a 1-year-old Fjord filly * Mycobacteria detection Sample source Microscopy Culture Feces - + Lymph node of transversal colon + + Lymph node of descending colon + + Transversal colon wall + + Descending colon wall + + Liver - + Mesenteric lymph node +++ + Kidney - + Spleen - + Diaphragm - - qPCR Sample source IS1245 ([dagger]) IS901 Feces 6.
In black South Africans the descending colon is predominantly affected, whereas the sigmoid colon is invariably involved in Western countries and right-sided diverticulosis is more prevalent in Asian populations.
Therefore, this study was carried out in order to assess possible alterations caused by a genotype II Toxoplasma gondii strain on the total number and morphometry of the neurons of the myenteric plexus in the terminal ileum and the descending colon of rats.
The study was limited to carcinoma of the rectum/rectosigmoid, and analysis was also made of sigmoid colon, descending colon and colon excluding the rectum'.
The x-ray shows a large amount of stool throughout the colon, particularly the descending colon.
The site of primary tumour was: caecum 14 cases, ascending colon 8 cases, transverse colon 5 cases, lienal flexure 4 cases, descending colon 2 cases, sigmoideum 11 cases and rectum 4 cases.
Using only two feet of tube reaching to the sigmoid, or end portion of the descending colon, this test is less accurate, and cannot immediately perform biopsies on any detected polyps.