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Synonyms for descant

a decorative musical accompaniment (often improvised) added above a basic melody

sing in descant

Related Words

sing by changing register


Related Words

talk at great length about something of one's interest

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He took part in two categories at the Penistone Competitive Music Festival, the under 13s where he played solo violin, and under 18s where he played descant recorder.
In our paralytic international discourse over the high-carbon world we have made, a few descant voices have emerged that are beginning to take that discourse to a surprising new place.
If a hymn phrase repeats, so does the descant phrase.
I might add that the contortions of Goodbrand's inclusive language provide an amusing descant to what is otherwise a tragic tale.
Seductive tones and rhythmes (enhancing "the sensuality/of text"), combined with sculptural formats, unite the images evoked in the inner eye with thoughts and feelings that together yield both pleasure and wisdom: "the gleam of/unmapped realms/in blues and burnt sienna;" the gallery awash with/polyphony/and descant voice of rose.
And having stood directly behind him at Pat O'Sullevan's memorial service last week, I can vouch that LK Piggott can still produce a soaring descant like the best of 'em.
The former teacher, from Bebington, beat some tough competition from other entrants to take the top spot with her carol Stars Across the Sky which she penned on manuscript paper complete with an optional descant.
As Muslims, Christians and Jews: We hold beliefs that more or less descant from the same origins.
The passengers from Down Under appreciated the cushioned suspension even more on the return journey - after a 12-mile coastal hike - judging from the snoring descant in the back
the outreach education arm of Descant magazine's Arts and Letters Foundation (www.
The result was more than 30 recorders, ranging from giant tenor recorders to the popular descant, worth more than pounds 600 poured in.
In addition, at intervals throughout the work, in such a way as to form a kind of descant to its principal theme, she focuses on the legend of the saint whose name she bears.
In vain to me the smiling moruings shine, And reddening Phoebus lifts his golden fire; The birds in vain their amorous descant join, Or cheerful fields resume their green attire: These ears, alas
The descant recorder began its new solo life in 1929 with two mid-eighteenth-century Robert Woodcock (1690-1728) concertos.
The clergy love to join the chorus, belabouring the obvious, but usually adding a descant or two of their own.