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Safe and environmentally friendly ingredients are the trend in the cleaning industry, Besides being renewable and safe, PURAC's natural lactic acid and derivatives are effective descalers and antimicrobials.
To make sure you never have to suffer a cuppa with limescale flakes floating on the top, we're offering 30 readers a stylish stainless steel Morphy Richards jug kettle plus a full set of Dylon's Oust Descalers and Cleaners, worth around pounds 50.
Power tools, including sanders, descalers, power wire brushes, grinding wheels and needle guns with vacuum attachments, have gained increasing popularity and recognition.
At FMT, Dynafluid will launch its complete range, made for the first time in stainless steel, together with a new range of industrial descalers and a continuous conveyor belt cleaner.
The trend towards more specialist products, including oven cleaners, window/glass cleaners, descalers, household antiseptics/disinfectants and kitchen cleaners, which was first noticed in 2009, continued in 2010, as British consumers tried to economise by doing more housework themselves, rather than hiring cleaners or specialists to undertake some household tasks.
The company adds that sales of the Oust range of descalers and cleaners continue to go from strength to strength.
Also showing air- and water-cooled portable chillers, combination heating/chilling systems, circulating water- and oil-temperature control systems, negative-pressure systems, descalers, and custom systems.
Currently valued at 17m [pounds sterling] and growing at a steady rate, the sector is split evenly between descalers for appliances and those for surfaces.
Product coverage: multi-purpose cleaners, oven cleaners, window/glass cleaners, kitchen cleaners, floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, descalers, drain openers, scouring agents, household antiseptics, wipes.