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remove the scales from

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The descaled stent was connected to anode and a 304 stainless steel circular ring (diameter: 90 mm, thickness: 1 mm) was used as the cathode.
To analyze the effect of temperature on electropolishing process of stents, descaled stents were electropolished at different electrolyte temperature (45[degrees], 50[degrees], 55[degrees], 60[degrees] and 65[degrees]C) and reduction in stent weight was compared for each process temperature by gravimetric analysis.
The surface topology and quantitative roughness measurements were performed on acid descaled and electropolished stent by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).
Table 5 represents the average data of gravimetric analysis of 10 stents and Table 6 represent those of strut widths / width reduction and wall thickness reduction of the laser cut, descaled and electropolished stent.
7 (b), 8(b) and 9(b) represents stent cutting zones of the laser cut, descaled and electropolished stent respectively.
10 (a), (b) and (c) supports the data of laser cut, acid descaled and electropolished stent respectively.
Limited Tenders are invited for Corrigendum-I:One Time Contract To Carry Out Dry Cleaning Job Of Polluted Cooling Tower (Pct) Basin For Collapsed Wooden Structure (Fills And Supports), Descaled Material And Broken Wooden Pieces, Wire Etc.
Kamco Scalebreaker pumps can increase safety during the descaling process by safely enclosing chemicals within the tank, hoses or equipment being descaled, at all times, therefore minimising fumes, splashes and risks to operators.
The product is circulated through the equipment to be descaled, reacting immediately, taking deposits into solution, with the evolution of carbon dioxide allowing visual monitoring of the descaling process.
The calorifiers were stripped down and descaled twice a year, taking two men three days each time.