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The results, which will be presented at Singapore International Water Week, show that the new process reduces desalting energy by over 50% compared to best available technology.
A binational team is studying whether running the Yuma Desalting Plant will affect Mexico's Cienega de Santa Clara, the largest wetland on the Colorado River Delta.
com, manufactures a capacitive desalting device for water using carbon nanomaterials, and has licensed a low waste ion exchange system for CBM produced water treatment to RGBL with the license to use the Catalyx Fluid Solutions name.
Prior to joining LAN, he was instrumental in spearheading the design and construction of the first desalting facility in Texas that utilized surface water supply for feed water.
Maurel & Prom awarded a contract for a crude desalting facility for its crude production site in Gabon.
FLUID SYSTEMS[R] SPIRAPRO TFC[R][R] line of SR[R]3 and RO pharmaceutical and fine chemicals spiral elements lower operating costs for a wide variety of applications, including selective rejection, desalting and organics concentration.
Later, in 1970, I co-authored a study titled "Cost of Steam Supply for Desalting Using Coal-Fired Boilers.
Other units at the plant include a crude desalting and distillation facility, an LPG sweetening and fractionating unit, a naphtha hydro-desulphurisation unit and a sour water stripper.
Abstract: The presented paper deals with desalting of raw hides, meaning soaking operations viewed from the position of tanner.
Santa Clarita's water wholesaler has considered desalting water to use as a supply during drought, but so far officials are only discussing the idea.
On the one hand the cost of desalting seawater remains high, and, on the other, the sea is too far from the consumption centers in the urban areas.
The samples were then desalted (D-Salt Dextran plastic desalting columns, 5-kDa cutoff; Pierce).
The algorithm is illustrated by a mathematical model from desalting process dynamics.
7-million desalting plant in Ewa that could serve as a model for similar plants throughout the Islands, according to George Morimoto, project manager and civil engineer with the state Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR).