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remove salt from

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We studied the chemistry of water produced in several of the largest desalination plants on earth and found that that composition of the desalted water is totally different from those of natural waters," Vengosh explains.
Moreover, because desalted wastewater can be recycled through the environment and reused as a drinking water source--a process already being used in southern California--the new tools would enable water authorities to trace the relative contribution of desalted water in their system, and to test the effectiveness of their water treatment processes.
West Basin Municipal Water District is reducing its dependence on imported water through the Water Reliability 2020 program that will double conservation, double recycled water production and add desalted ocean-water to our portfolio by the year 2020.
Tenders are invited for Services of oligonucleotides synthesis desalted
The flushing of systems and equipment with chemically desalted water is used for checking passing-through capacity and flushing of pipelines connecting primary equipment, Maksim Bogachko, Head of Director for Heat Installation of Group of Companies ASE.
The latest proposal from the Authority, which is comprised of the Coachella Valley Water District and Imperial Irrigation District as well as Riverside and Imperial counties, calls for agricultural runoff that currently flows from the Imperial Valley into the sea to be captured and desalted.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Desalted Oligos, 25 nmol tube format per base 3000 Integrated DNA
Proligo offers siRNA oligos in ready to use duplex form, fully deprotected and desalted, at three purification grades and delivered within five to nine working days.
Tenders are invited for Our Experiments Need Customized Oligos (Primers) Which Are Highly Purified And Desalted.
Tenders are invited for Supply of custom oligo nucleotides, desalted, (0.
Tenders are invited for Supply of oligonucleotide primers scale of synthesis : 25 nmol, length : 20-35 base qc : ms/maldi-tof purification : desalted, state of delivery : in lyophilized form.
Construction of a 30,000,000 g/d of water reverse osmosis desalination plant and re-carbonation plant for desalted water including:
The desalted water will again be treated for eliminating Boron and then re-mineralized to match the WHO standards.