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remove salt from

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This material has chemists, physicists, astronomers, and materials scientists utilizing its properties in myriad applications, from a water purifier for desalinizing seawater to installation on a NASA satellite as a meteorite particle collector.
Proposals for solving the water scarcity problem have included seeding clouds, towing icebergs, desalinizing salt water, and transporting water from one location to another through pipelines.
I had proposed the desalination plan in the Public Forum on June 28, 1990, and since then Catalina and Santa Barbara have a desalinizing plant available for emergencies during a drought.
A customized Joint Logistics Support Command was created to food nearly 50,000 migrants and 8,000 support personnel, construct and maintain living quarters, and provide potable water by desalinizing sea water.
Gore casts his scorn upon the science of genetic engineering,(30) and upon various schemes for desalinizing water,(31) incinerating garbage,(32) and fertilizing the oceans.