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remove salt from

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Moreover, we are not desalinizing water, as we use salt water for all of our processes, becoming the first copper operation to do so completely.
The Virgin Islands have no permanent bodies of freshwater, so all the water that is consumed on the island must be produced by desalinizing ocean water or collecting rainwater.
This material has chemists, physicists, astronomers, and materials scientists utilizing its properties in myriad applications, from a water purifier for desalinizing seawater to installation on a NASA satellite as a meteorite particle collector.
Already this writer has brought to the notice of Minister Dinesh Gunawardene of the importance of the desalinizing Vadamaradchi lagoon and also of rain water harvesting to prevent seawater seeping into the Peninsula's underground water table.
Proposals for solving the water scarcity problem have included seeding clouds, towing icebergs, desalinizing salt water, and transporting water from one location to another through pipelines.
For example, in salt water, a desalinizing product is recommended inside and outside the engine, along with a corrosion blocking agent under the engine cover.