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remove salt from

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Water could be desalinized (8) and the oceans could assuage the impending water su pply worries of the world.
A drip-irrigation system is planned to keep the desalinized zone moist.
The increased cost of imported water is prompting Olivenhain to diversify its water supply with recycled water for irrigation along with future purchases of desalinized water.
Revenue from infrastructure, which was primarily attributable to sales of desalinized water, increased 34% during the three months ended June 30, 2007 compared to the same three month period ended June 30, 2006.
The district recently entered into a contract with Poseidon Resources to purchase 7,500 acre-feet per year of available desalinized water.
We are excited by the expansion opportunities that Enerserve and its management give us in the Caribbean and in other build, own and operate markets for desalinized water to meet the needs of their growing populations.
Achieving commercial operation on April 17, 2008, DCL currently sells all its power through a 30-year Power Purchase Agreement with Karachi Electric Supply Company, and its steam is used to produce three million gallons of desalinized water per day.
Kona Deep[R], the 100% Hawaii Desalinized Deep Sea Drinking Water was well received in March of this year at FoodEx, Japan's premier specialty food and beverage industry trade event.
Preserving the purity of its natural nutrients and minerals, the water is desalinized through DSWI's state of the art, double pass, reverse osmosis system, delivering refreshing, rich tasting drinking water that naturally replenishes body, mind and spirit.
Guevara, stated: " The global need for desalinized water and renewable energy gives us great motivation to develop a product that will compliment our growing family of sustainable energy products and enhance our shareholders' value.