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the removal of salt (especially from sea water)

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Part of the plan is the construction in southern Jordan of a major desalinization plant, serving people on both sides of the border--and by freeing-up water supplies in the north, enabling Israel to provide water also for Palestinian needs.
Albeirutty said, "This project is an opportunity to blaze a new trail in seawater desalinization plants by leveraging the advanced technology of Hitachi and Hitachi Plant Technologies.
Although limited in its scale, this collected rainfall is the most cost-effective water source for small-scale farmers to use for agriculture due to the high cost of using potable water produced from desalinization or from groundwater pumping.
Two other approaches that can extend water supplies in anticipation of drought include wastewater recycling, including storm water capture, and desalinization.
This year, the steelmaker will invest up to $350 million in its Cerro Negro Norte iron ore deposit, $350 million in the expansion of Los Colorados mine, $200 million in a desalinization plant and $50 million in a transmission line.
Around the Caspian, Turkmenistan has three small desalinization plants and Kazakhstan one.
Other than expensive desalinization plants, we haven't yet found a way to increase our supplies of fresh water, so we need to protect the remaining forests around the world if we want to keep our sources of fresh water.
But a few hundred miles farther west, El Paso's half-million residents have plenty of water even though they live in the middle of the Chihuahua Desert, thanks to a massive desalinization plant and a successful 20-year-old conservation program.
Currently Pawlak and his team are working on projects related to desalinization of water combined with heavy metal removal.
Rodman goes on to state that the answer to fresh water supply is two fold: conservation on one hand, and desalinization on the other.
Summary: Italian energy company Eni SpA has agreed to help Libya build a naval port, desalinization plant and 1,000 houses in the El Agheila area along the Gulf of Sirte.
Written as an overview for existing or proposed desalinization plants, and as a precursor for later official publications on the subject, this text is a comprehensive study of the desalinization industry, including health and environmental impact assessments.
AL HAYAT mentioned that much of Kuwait's fresh water comes from the desalinization of Gulf waters, and that there is some fear that these may be contaminated.