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the removal of salt (especially from sea water)

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Going undercover at research facility QMK, Ruth Evershed discovers the Chinese are searching for Jiang Lee, a scientist who has discovered a desalinisation technique worth a fortune.
The decline of palm trees in Bahrain is attributed to various reasons such as desalinisation and blocking of natural drainage channels.
The area, which falls within SBA territory, already has an Electricity Authority power plant and a large desalinisation plant nearby.
For the last 30 years we used to rely on 80 per cent groundwater for the whole country for drinking, agriculture and industry, and 20 per cent from desalinisation,Ao he said.
A government report released on Friday said seven projects will address increased demand for natural gas by power stations, factories and desalinisation plants.
And at some point, we're going to increasingly rely on alternative fuel sources to power cars, run desalinisation plants and to heat and cool homes and businesses.
Other environmental-related opportunities are lighter weight materials such as carbon and titanium to make aircraft more fuel-efficient, recycling, water desalinisation plants and, with over-fishing and water acidification reducing marine resources, the fisheries sector.
However, these "backward" governments have built desalinisation plants.
Islands like Malta go for large-scale solutions like desalinisation plants.