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remove salt from

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The LT Series desalinators incorporate a number of features that makes them extremely user friendly.
PUR, a company that makes desalinators for the military and water treatment companies like Sterling Spring.
Manual Reverse Osmosis Desalinators (MROD): 71% of units surveyed had Manual Reverse Osmosis Desalinators (MROD) that were not being properly maintained.
After working for Smith Barney in London for a year, Sullivan decided to strike out on his own and manufacture portable desalinators for use on ships and life rafts.
We started shipping the desalinators in 1988, and that business has been strong ever since," Sullivan says.
The company's PUR brand began with a desalinator to support the victims of shipwrecks.
The submarines that have SEIE (submarine escape immersion ensemble), modification also have PMS FR 4-08 MIP 5940/001 for maintenance of the desalinators.
I strongly recommend you complete the 48M-1 on all of your desalinators upon receipt.
Submarines that have had the modifications for SEIE (Submarine Escape Immersion Ensemble), final PMS requirements have arrived for the four reverse osmosis desalinators that accompany the modification.
This new PMS now covers the reverse osmosis desalinators that were issued with this SHIPALT.