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remove salt from

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The team also had to deal with a broken desalinator and power cell within days of setting off, pushing the group to row faster to reach their goal before losing GPS navigation.
Our desalinator broke about 24 hours later, so we survived on emergency and hand-pumped rations.
Solar panels charge batteries that operate a desalinator or water maker to remove salt from the ocean water and filter it for human consumption.
At sea sometimes weeks at a time, the boat carried freeze-dried rations in one end, a small sleeping compartment known as "the rathole" in the other, and had an onboard desalinator for making drinking water.
The vessel also has air conditioning, a desalinator for making sea water drinkable, a 12kw electric generator and a 145hp Mercedes engine that can cruise at 7 knots.
His kayak carried everything from a desalinator and packets of Benadryl tablets to preserved food and fish-catching equipment.
The RO desalinator was unable to operate due to the seawater main being blocked by the layer of ice, which meant the group had to begin rationing water.
The boat will carry a desalinator which turns salt water into drinking water.
The Mrod-06-LL is an extremely small hand-operated desalinator, providing one litre of fresh drinking water, from the sea, per hour.
How to come up with a gadget with water desalinator is very challenging," said Chan.
The CORDURA[R] brand sponsorship will support the crews' electronic systems on the boat that connects their wind turbine, solar panel arrays and backup battery system to their GPS, water desalinator and computer.
The saloon table and dining chairs were also left ashore for harbour racing "but the boat does have a desalinator and generator.
Bird will carry nine months' worth of provisions and will supplement his water supply with a desalinator kit.