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remove salt from

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His kayak carried everything from a desalinator and packets of Benadryl tablets to preserved food and fish-catching equipment.
The RO desalinator was unable to operate due to the seawater main being blocked by the layer of ice, which meant the group had to begin rationing water.
The boat will carry a desalinator which turns salt water into drinking water.
The Mrod-06-LL is an extremely small hand-operated desalinator, providing one litre of fresh drinking water, from the sea, per hour.
Bird will carry nine months' worth of provisions and will supplement his water supply with a desalinator kit.
The team will use a desalinator to convert 400-pounds of salt water into the 24 liters of drinking water that they will need every day.
Our solar-powered desalinator is a lifeline and one of our most important pieces of kit," adds Phil.
All of our products are based on proprietary technology, and the desalinator is the best example of that," says Thomas Angelis, senior vice president of marketing and sales.
5490/003 (Q-1R) Visually Inspect Manual Reverse Osmosis Desalinator- Desalinator not stored in a plastic bag, therefore, can't complete step 1.
The company's PUR brand began with a desalinator to support the victims of shipwrecks.
During the past few surveys, I noticed personnel are not aware of the Planned Maintenance System (PMS) MIP: 5940/001 (Q-1R) for the Manual Reverse Osmosis Desalinator (MROD), step 1h.
The reason, the majority of the boats with the SEIE suit modification have desalinator kits that were manufactured at least six years ago.