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the removal of salt (especially from sea water)

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The company hopes to leverage its experience in renewable energy to shore up regional efforts for cleaner desalination.
The laboratory head said the equipment used for desalination can be damaged by algae, even after pre-treatment.
The agreement ensures cooperation between the three organizations for exchange of information and joint research and development activities in collaboration with the Desalination Technologies Research Institute to demonstrate the validity of seawater desalination using clean energy technologies.
The UAE is committed to this and through programmes like the Ghantoot Renewable Energy Desalination Pilot Programme, we are working towards this objective to achieving our goals set out in the UAE Energy Strategy 2050.
He noted that the use of non-traditional resources, including desalination of seawater is an unavoidable choice, despite its high cost, adding that the desalination of seawater or groundwater, concerns several governorates of the republic from Sousse to the south of Tunisia.
Today's most efficient desalination plants, however, pressurize seawater behind thin polymer sheets.
Countries in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Israel, house some of the largest desalination plants.
DESALINATION PROJECTS Enerzone Engineering Services takes great pride to undertake turnkey revamping projects of Seawater RO Desalination Plants installed at Gwadar, Baluchistan for Design Modifications, Up-gradation, Replacement and Repair and Maintenance works.
The International Desalination Workshop 2016, which ran from 13-15 November, brought together water technology research scientists and engineers from around the world who are working in both academia and industry.
The Global Desalination Market to 2026' highlights how the desalination market will shift over the next decade, with detailed forecasts for each key region globally.
All water desalination stations in Ras Al Khaimah need to stop using ground water and only use seawater with immediate effect, a top official has said.
Desalination research and technology has grown exponentially in recent years and has gathered a large community of scientists and engineers seeking and building solutions to problems of energy consumption, efficiency management and environmental impact.
This is a drought-proof water insurance policy for Texas at a time when it needs it most," said Stefan Schuster, the water resources strategy lead for MWH, a company hired by the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority to analyze the feasibility of seawater desalination.
It is the world's largest modern seawater desalination plant, providing 20 percent of the water consumed by the country's households.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 4, 2015-Energy Recovery wins USD2m multiple contracts for desalination projects in France & Egypt