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remove salt from

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There was a significant water shortage in 14 cities of Hormozgan, he said, adding that the serious problem of access to fresh water resources within the province can be resolved by desalinating seawater.
The GOWD will also take up work to establish the largest station for desalinating water using solar energy at Al-Khafji city, with a capacity of 30,000 cubic meter of desalinated water.
The project has gained in importance as successive droughts have forced Cypriots to resort to high-cost schemes of procuring water, such as desalinating seawater or shipping fresh water from Greece.
5 million homes in the region, explored the possibility of desalinating water by installing a pilot plant at New-haven in East Sussex.
Promising a yield equal to nearly one-fourth of what the region imports each year from the State Water Project, the Calleguas Water Recycling Project also is less expensive and energy-intensive compared with desalinating ocean water.
An electrical current passing into the membrane should drive most of the sodium ions from one tank into the other -- desalinating the water in the first tank.
The technologies and costs of desalinating these two types of water differ.
Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), the government agency managing desalinating sea water and the second largest electric power producer in Saudi Arabia, is developing these new facilities.
8 kilowatt-hours of energy is required to desalinate 220 imperial gallons of water, and Dr Mohammad Gadalla is well aware of the cost and energy expenses in desalinating water for the UAE.
Slated for completion during 2010, the new plant will be based on reverse osmosis technology - a modern process technology used for desalinating water in a wide range of applications.
These polymers have demonstrated ability - including but not limited to - saving energy, desalinating water, making comfortable and protective clothing, and inhibiting growth of organisms on water immersed objects.
Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), Saudi Arabia's government agency responsible for desalinating sea water, has awarded a contract to Swiss power group ABB for a desalination project.
However, the impact of desalinating water is still being felt in the marine environment, said Peter Neuschaefer, director of environment, water and energy in the Middle East for Waagner Biro Gulf, on the sidelines of the event.
In addition, TIPS removes and recovers carbon dioxide (CO2) in liquid form which can be reused in a number of commercial applications, including a low-cost alternative for desalinating water, secondary and tertiary oil recovery, and methane production.
These new facilities are being developed by the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), the country s government agency responsible for desalinating sea water and the second largest electric power producer in the country.