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transfer from ecclesiastical to civil possession, use, or control


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In posing Paul as a foil to Stein, we may see how rigorously Stein keeps Christianity at bay--in an opera about Christian saints--and how in fact Four Saints in Three Acts reverses Pauline transformation by desacralizing its saints.
It required the will and the capacity of individual novelists to rescue the old antihero from his traditional fate, to answer the call of the desacralizing logos.
Scruton's faith in the redeeming art of Tristan is the obverse of an undercurrent of resentment toward the debased or desacralizing popular culture of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll that surfaces periodically.
What is needed is a way to rehumanize the priesthood with out desacralizing it.
The Orientalist critique has revealed the "Oriental" erotic by desacralizing the European art that portrays it, only to mystify the art all over again with a discourse of power.
Richard Hardin is Professor of English at the University of Kansas and the author of Civil Idolatry: Desacralizing and Monarchy in Spenser, Shakespeare, and Milton and Survivals of Pastoral.
The story told by secularists is one of a gradual desacralizing or the removal of the superfluous, leaving a pure residue of the human.
While she exposes the desacralizing effects of an escalating and virulent pamphlet literature, she does not address questions of authorship or readership, nor does she emphasize the workings of specific representations of the queen in particular revolutionary contexts or chronologies.
Oswald, the fluid character most allied to the desacralizing regimes of modernity (as Halpern argues), unmoored from old property order and from gendered propriety as well (his service lubricates all sorts of promiscuity), is a postman--a secretary and letter carrier.
In a development not unlike a desacralizing process, the community disarmed the Crusaders by divesting them of their religious symbolism and power.
The Latin American bishops noted at Puebla in 1979, in response to criticism of their famous remarks about "integral liberation" at Medellin in 1968, that, insofar as politics concerns the common good, it is of interest to the Church as "a way of paying worship to the one and only God by simultaneously desacralizing and consecrating the world to Him.
For example, taking pictures may be forbidden due to its desacralizing effects.
These taboos applied as long as the spirit remained immanent in the Taro adherent, a condition which could be instantly terminated by bathing in running water (washing in still water, however, did not have a desacralizing effect).
Hadden, "Toward Desacralizing Secularization Theory," Social Forces 65 (1987): 587-611.
At the turn of the desacralizing eighteenth century, Dryden argued a layman's sufficiency in matters of doctrine; at the turn of the secularized twenty-first, MacCulloch assures us that he is un-doctrinated enough to write about religion.