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transfer from ecclesiastical to civil possession, use, or control


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That lineage of desacralizing ideology was introduced formally by Nietzsche who encapsulated the age of mechanization in his philosophy.
The desacralizing process was complicated by some of Jesus' own teachings and by the Pauline conviction that the earthly order possessed certain legitimacy because it was of divine institution (so Romans 13:1-7).
3) The argument is generally made along three major lines: (1) Christianity is said to have killed off humanity's wonder and awe of nature by desacralizing nature; (2) it promotes an anthropocentrism that legitimates human rule and dominion over nature; and (3) it relegates the physical world to a lower status and value than that which is spirit.
The main point here, so far as the overall argument is concerned, is that the tendencies toward desacralizing monarchy found in the New Testament or Augustine were blunted in the early Middle Ages.
Finally, I would also like to speculate on what these two tales of Yeshua tell us about the ways in which modern writers constantly retell "sacred texts"; are they desacralizing them or are they resacralizing them to suit their own purposes?
In posing Paul as a foil to Stein, we may see how rigorously Stein keeps Christianity at bay--in an opera about Christian saints--and how in fact Four Saints in Three Acts reverses Pauline transformation by desacralizing its saints.
Principal among them were secularization (which, in desacralizing the human, discredited both the ancient and the Christian emphasis on teleology), the spread of global market capitalism (which prioritized choice over social justice), and European imperialism (which, through notions of 'virtuous trade', reconciled liberty at home with coercion abroad).
1987, "Towards Desacralizing Secularization Theory", Social Force, vol.
It required the will and the capacity of individual novelists to rescue the old antihero from his traditional fate, to answer the call of the desacralizing logos.
Civil Idolatry: Desacralizing and Monarchy in Spenser, Shakespeare, and Milton.
Marques surely intended to endow the rape scene with some kind of spiritual significance while desacralizing the imagery of the Catholic Church.
Chapters 3 and 4 then examine how Donne and Traherne "register desacralizing transformations of external structures as inwardly felt experiences" and seek to reconstitute a unified desiring subject (19).
The first step in desacralizing the Virgin Mary occurred when hymns to Mary were transformed into chivalric odes addressed to the singer-knight's out of reach queen, but the second step occurred when ballad materials were secularized into romances and eventually dramas and novels about women in jeopardy.
Scruton's faith in the redeeming art of Tristan is the obverse of an undercurrent of resentment toward the debased or desacralizing popular culture of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll that surfaces periodically.
Because of the modern desacralizing of sex and because of the attendant sexual revolution (a change more in attitude than in behavior), as well as because of the modern preference for irony, Fielding has been much more congenial to modern taste during the past century.