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transfer from ecclesiastical to civil possession, use, or control


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Litigation of these cases would no longer be a wholly unstructured inquiry into the government's ad hoc rationalizations, and the courts would no longer invite governmental units to desacralize sacred texts or symbols.
By putting a monetary value on the components of human life, the primary ethical reservation to permitting such markets has been that they profane or desacralize all life (Frank 1985; Kopytoff 1986; Thukral and Cummins 1987; Titmuss 1970).
Because he is mystery, she knows instinctively that to reveal his presence would be to desacralize the power of the experience, to annul the explosive nature of her dream/fantasy.
Diehl concludes, "Foxe's protagonists look upon miraculous images with skepticism, demystify mysterious rites with empirical reasoning, resist the appeal of the imaginative with appeals to faith and the word of God, and desacralize images by calling attention to their artifice and identifying them as representations" (39).
As Howard shows, "Part of the work of early modern tragedy is to desacralize kingship and evacuate dominant ideologies of their power.
Tellenbach further attributes the partial papal defeat in the investiture contest to the papacy's failure to desacralize the monarchical office, an aspect of its wider campaign to clericalize the church and to increase the distance between laymen and clergy.
This, in turn, served to both desacralize Latin and authorize (as well as uniformize) vernaculars.
Berry's primary aim is to reverse our historical tendency to desacralize the material world and nonhuman beings, which has left them open to exploitation.
The visual desacralizes the universe and produces the 'nonreligious man of modern societies" (p.
a closer look at the character (of Thomas) suggests that Antonioni, in addition to using typology to explicate the allegorical significance of Thomas has also relied on it to create a parodic (sic) relationship between the modern photographer and the gospel figure which in turn, desacralizes the Neorealist project and its attempts at truth telling.
Indeed, through Dioneo's dissident voice, Boccaccio desacralizes the matrimonial sacrament and even parodies the union of a man and woman.
Of course, the risk of irony, in its insistence upon skimming the surface of experience, is shallowness, lack of depth, that by now well-heralded postmodern "aura" which desacralizes experience too often at the expense of meaningful experience.
56-68), rightly remarks that Christianity desacralizes the cosmos.
Insistence on the absolute sovereignty of scripture, for example, desacralizes the ecclesiastical institution, but liberation from ecclesiastical control seems to give excessive ideological power to theologians.
The ferocious defense of abortion rights in secular culture reflects an overall sensibility that desacralizes human life and has been expanded to harvesting embryonic stem cells, cloning, euthanasia, and assisted suicide.