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an ascetic Muslim monk

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And this he would have done, without our help, the very day before the Sultan has arranged to visit this holy dervish, and to entreat his prayers for the princess, his daughter.
Now to cure the princess the dervish must pull out seven of these white hairs, burn three, and with their smoke perfume the head of the princess.
The fairies and genii ceased talking, but the dervish did not forget a word of all they had said; and when morning came he perceived a place in the side of the well which was broken, and where he could easily climb out.
When she arrived, she was so thickly veiled that the dervish could not see her face, but he desired a brazier to be held over her head, and laid the seven hairs on the burning coals.
The Sultan was so delighted to hear these words that he not only embraced his daughter, but kissed the hand of the dervish.
But he did not hold it for long, for the Sultan fell a victim to an attack of illness, and as he had no sons, the soldiers and priests declared the dervish heir to the throne, to the great joy of all the people.
One day, when the dervish, who had now become Sultan, was making a royal progress with his court, he perceived the envious man standing in the crowd.
They are blended, they get various shapes but if you look and listen closely, you can see the signs of all that great civilization living, like I saw in that painting of the Whirling Dervish at Cafe Istanbul.
The riots took place overnight last Monday during an unauthorized gathering by the so-called Dervish sect near a police station, during which they engaged in clashes with ordinary people and police forces, according to officials.
More recently, one noted a degree of change in his style, as some pieces were in circular, semi-abstract form, and the dervish - except for his topi - had disappeared into the realm of the Divine.
Brothers Ali Dervish, 28, and Sinan Dervish, 19, are wanted by police.
The Metropolitan Police wants to speak to brothers Ali Dervish, 28, and Sinan Dervish, 19, in connection with the incident.
Designed by Kunter Sekercioglu and produced in his own workshop called Kilit Tas1 (Keystone), Dervish is a Turkish coffee cup and its plate, made of porcelain (see image on previous page).
Dervish in progress (Photo courtesy of CCDC media office) Through this state, a dancer would be able to examine mental transformations that derive from speed and tension attributed to spinning.