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It will take the best part of 17 seconds to hit 60 mph, but then when you can get nearly 50 miles out of every gallon of derv, who really cares.
The outrageous price of derv means it will take you seven years to recoup the higher purchase price of a used diesel over its petrol equivalent.
Priced from below pounds 13,000, it hardly sips at the derv - the Spaniards could be on to a winner.
Johnny Foreigner in his HGV can buy derv in Lithuania for 39p a litre and wear out our roads for nowt.
Contract notice: Supply and Delivery of Gas Oil & DERV to the Contracting Entity's sites at Teesport and Billingham.
5 miles from a gallon of derv, yet its all-wheel drive equivalent gets 2.
Even if you choose the more powerful 180PS unit, it'll still manage 59 miles from a gallon of derv with CO2 emissions from 125g/km.
With so much talk of diesel emissions, higher derv duty and charges to enter cities, how do you future-proof the choice of your next used family motor?
This would give a child or an adult the chance to pick up a new sport and he might prove to be good at it," said Derv Rao, Co-founder and director of Special Projects, Duplays.
NISSAN is hoping supermini fans will give derv a swerve and dig in to some seriously frugal petrol power.
Amazingly we managed to achieve the claimed mpg figure in the diesel but factor in the high cost of DERV plus the pounds 2,200 price premium and only exceptionally high mileage drivers would benefit.
What is the meaning of the abbreviation derv nominated for a best actress Academy Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Lyon; 2 Telescope; 3 Diesel Engined Road Vehicle; 4 The blue tit; 5 The Graf Spee; 6 Loudness; 7 Tellin; 8 Rachel Getting Married; 9 Rudyard Kipling; 10 Deep Blue.
Now the dirty derv merchants have really cost schools a packet after 50 tons of the cat litter they use to filter red diesel was dumped at an education board depot in Coleraine.