derris root

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woody vine having bright green leaves and racemes of rose-tinted white flowers

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30 g of each respective Derris root particle sizes was used in preliminary, optimization and verification phases.
In particular, the diameter of dried Derris root of 0.
After extensive studies done, there are several conclusions that can be drawn: On the basis of these data it is observed that rotenone and other toxic constituents available in the resin are generally considered the most important toxic constituents of Derris root.
For the preliminary phase, 30 g of Derris roots of different sizes (smooth and rough) was added to 300 ml of different solvent types (ethanol and acetone) with a solvent-to-solid ratio of 10 ml/g in a 500 ml beaker.
gariepinus exposed to sub-lethal concentrations of Derris root powder under laboratory conditions .
A known weight of the powdered roots (750g) was packed into a soxhlet extractor, using ethanol as solvent for the extraction; after the distillation of the solvent, a stock solution of 1000ml was prepared by adding 150g of the ethanolic extract of Derris root powder in 1 litre of water [14].
Tumanda M Effects of rotenone containing Derris root extracts on the mortality of some predator fishes of pond cultured prawns under different water temperature salinity combinations.
Guerrero RD and LA Guerrero Use of Derris root powder for management of freshwater ponds.
Meanwhile, the precipitation process using 4 different types of co-precipitator (calcium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, sodium caseinate and kieselguhr) coupled with the main precipitator was done to induce flocculation of the bio-active compounds especially rotenone in the liquid crude extract of Derris roots.
The effect of sun, shade and oven-drying on the toxicological and chemical values of Derris root.
The fine Derris roots (below than 1 cm in diameter) appeared to be the key contributor of high rotenone content in the acetone extract as compared to the coarse roots (1 cm to 2 cm in diameter) and stem (2 cm to 3 cm in diameter) (p<0.