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any of various usually woody vines of the genus Derris of tropical Asia whose roots yield the insecticide rotenone

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An experiment in the use of derris root (rotenone) on the fish and fish-food organisms of Third Sister Lake.
7 cells; Nitric oxide; DPPH; Derris trifoliata; Rotenoids
As soon as you see the first of these little, insects spray the plant with an insecticide containing malathion, pyrethrum or derris.
Spray with fenitrothion or derris dust when the first pink fruits emerge.
I suggest that when the plants are mature you spray them with non-chemical pesticides containing derris or bacillus thuringiensis.
Austin Derris also joins Janney in an institutional sales role, coming to Janney after several years on Merrill Lynch's institutional fixed income sales team.
Preliminary assays indicate that Antonia ovata (Loganiaceae) and Derris amazonica (Papillionaceae), ichthyotoxic plants used for fishing in Roraima, Brazil, have an insecticide effect on Lutzomyia longipalpis (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae).
Derrisin, a new rotenoid from Derris malaccensis plain and anti-Helicobacter pylori activity of its related constituents.
Spraying plants with Derris will combat butterflies and moths, pellets or Nematodes with slugs, while netting copes with birds but the real pest of the cabbage patch is club root fungus.
You could consider using an insecticide based on rotenone/ derris or pyrethrum, but these should not be used when the plants are in flower, should be applied at dusk and only ever according to the maker's instructions.
Traditionally, Dayak in and around DSNP carry out stream fishing using a concoction based on the roots of the leguminous climber Derris elliptica, locally known as tuba.
You may have the same problem next year so, in early spring, see if there is an infestation starting up and spray with an insecticide or dust with derris.
To control them, you must check your plants daily and use an insecticide such as derris when they are first seen.
com/ or call Jesse Derris or Dani Lovett from Sunshine, Sachs & Associates at (212) 691-2800.
Derris elliptica or 'Tuba' as it is known locally is an insecticidal plant in Malaysia that has been used for the purpose of bio-pesticide production.