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brave and heroic feats

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Despite that double Derby success, the best horses ever to pass through Budgett's capable hands were probably Derring-Do and his son Huntercombe.
Likewise, congratulations are due those who staged the musical numbers and the medley of Oscar-nominated scores, which were done with a minimum of fuss - only the song from ``Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'' featured any choreography, but since it emulated the aerial derring-do of the film, it seemed appropriate.
The whole sense of fun is lost, the whole sense of play, of derring-do, of 'Oh God we screwed that one up.
The 214-page ``The Endurance'' is an engrossing account of a superhuman feat of derring-do written in crisp, plain language.
5 million memorial will flash the women's stories onto high-tech screens, project their words onto gleaming walls and memorialize feats of derring-do in dignified exhibits.