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Yet it is worth pausing before this last threshold, for although it is likely that Oedipus would be aware that his name can be derogatorily construed as "Swell-foot," he could and in fact seems to prefer more flattering etymologies, including such Cratylan renderings as "Know-where" (oidi-pou) and, especially, "Know-all" (oidi-pas).
Finally, lawmakers should limit the use of initiatives, derogatorily called "snitch lines," that encourage civilians to report minor crimes and noncriminal suspicious behavior, and consider decriminalizing some minor regulatory-type offenses.
Reprint publishers, derogatorily branded as pirates by those who stood to lose, played a vital role in this process.
In African societies where Islam dominated, traditional African Animism was depreciated; those Africans who refused to be Islamized were, and even up to date, derogatorily referred to as Kaffirs.
Derogatorily labelled baaster beeste (bastard cattle) it is only in recent years that there is acknowledgment of their genetically superior adaptability to local conditions.
Thus Her Majesty is often referred to derogatorily by critics as the Queen of England.
A descendent of Scottish Travellers, known derogatorily as "gypsies," Childs has also worked with Roma communities in Eastern Europe.
That is one reason why we no longer equate Darwinism with modem evolutionary theory Creationists (now calling themselves "intelligent design advocates") continue to refer derogatorily to modem evolutionary theory as "Darwinism.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is described in one cable as "rarely creative" (whatever that means); the Russian Prime Minister and President are derogatorily referred to as "Batman and Robin;" British politician Harriet Harmon is described as "a relative policy lightweight;" and Nicaragua's President is depicted as paranoid.
However, they were used not descriptively but rather derogatorily, as an insult or as an allegation to be denied.
She and a friend (who happened to be a girl) frequently hung out together and were derogatorily labeled as "lesbians.
being raped by a black man--the cops derogatorily refer to him as a
Many car enthusiasts derogatorily termed the Mustang V6 (20052010 model years) a "secretary car" that is "all show and no go" since it's powered by a 210-horsepower V-6 motor.
Smollett also uses Winifred's letters to ridicule the religious fervor of Methodism, which was often associated derogatorily with irrational zeal or even madness.
17) The ever-present threat of lynching led reformers to urge speeding up the criminal process to allow for immediate trials followed by instant executions, (18) pressures that created the practice known derogatorily as "legal lynching," a process that was often only a hairsbreadth away from the illegal version.