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Mr Bailey said: "We hope the minister will continue to be as flexible as possible in relation to the derogation and the area it covers.
In the parts of England where wet ground conditions will make it necessary to delay carrying out specific Environmental Stewardship options, agreement holders should contact Natural England as soon as possible for advice about a derogation.
The temporary derogation on animal burial, applied by Mr Davies last week, was due to end at midnight on Tuesday.
We will ensure that appropriate derogations are available to help our Environmental Stewardship agreement customers to deal with some of the problems that this winter's very bad weather is causing.
Both derogations could be extended further in special circumstances on a case-by-case basis, proposed the committee.
This work provides an expert and practical analysis of the Treaty framework governing free movement of capital and payments, covering the definition of capital payments, the prohibition of restrictions on free movement, together with the permitted exceptions, derogations and safeguard measures.
The Greek Cypriot side will accept neither majorities of people and property, nor permanent derogations from the EU acquis under a solution, President Nicos Anastasiades said on Sunday.
Article 9 of the directive provides limited scope for derogations from the requirement of strict protection where there is no other satisfactory solution, for instance, in the interests of public health and safety or air safety, to prevent serious damage to crops, livestock, forests, fisheries and water, and for the protection of flora and fauna.
Natural England is making derogations available to allow more flexibility to deal with the wet weather.
Mr Morgan said: "The derogations that we have in place in Wales have helped to significantly reduce the cost and bureaucracy associated with the deeply unpopular Sheep Electronic identification (EID) regulation.
Why is it then that no-one, until now, seems to have been clued-up sufficiently about EU derogations to apply for them to be enacted for the benefit of those in British society unfairly penalised by taxes?
The document said: "These derogations should no longer be renewed", because they hinder free competition and pan-EU energy policies.
The people will ultimately be the judge of any agreement in the reunification talks, the government said on Wednesday, amid an ongoing clamour over comments about permanent derogations from the EU acquis , made by Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci.
Ce qui est intriguant est que le president du conseil de la Region du Grand Casablanca, promoteur immobilier et lotisseur, a beneficie, a lui seul, de plus des deux tiers des dossiers de derogations en urbanisme.
We believe there should be derogations to delay EID tagging until sheep leave the holding of birth and crucially, reasonable tolerance, which accepts that in practical situations it is not possible to read EID tags 100% of the time.