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But Mr Jones said: "While we accept that collecting evidence was necessary to ensure compliance with the terms of the derogation, it is unbelievably naive to require farmers to get a key part of that evidence from fallen stock collectors - particularly at a time when the evidence was all around and in places 15 or 20 feet deep
Natural England's land management advisers continue to provide help and advice wherever they can to support the farming community and we will ensure that appropriate derogations are available to support farmers at this critical time in the farming calendar.
Under the derogation, un-chipped ponies must be sold with the commons.
And I am seeking permission to bring forward Single Payments in the derogation area to help with cash-flow problems for those worst-affected.
The minister also extended the derogation to allow the on-farm burial of fallen stock to April 23.
DEROGATION ON FEEDING Farmers in environmental stewardship schemes can temporarily give supplementary feed to their livestock
Without the derogation, Carneddau's ponies would have been lost forever, said Cymdeithas Merlod y Carneddau chairman Roland Jones.
The derogation expires in 2009 but the Commission has proposed extending it indefinitely to safeguard export trade with the US, which uses imperial measures.
The derogation motion is not looking for an amendment to the rule, it simply wants to see Croke Park available for three years while Lansdowne Road is being redeveloped.
La Ligue de football professionnel (LFP) a decide de ne pas accorder de derogation au RC Arbaa pour recevoir au stade communal de la ville lors de la saison 2013-2014.
Natural resources minister Alun Davies has extended the country's fallen stock burial derogation and commissioned a review to assess the weather resilience of farm businesses in Wales.
The temporary derogation on animal burial, applied by Mr Davies last week, was due to end at midnight on Tuesday.
Bulgarian Energy Minister Traicho Traikov has expressed his confidence in the fact that the South Stream gas pipeline will be granted a derogation by the European Commission on third-party access requirements.
Dry and immersion cured bacon and ham, cured tongue, jellied veal and brisket are among products currently lined up for derogation from EC nitrate and nitrite limits.