dermoid cyst

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a cystic tumor (usually benign) with a wall lined with epithelium and a cavity containing other material

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Disseminated lipid droplets in the subarachnoid space or ventricles appear hyperintense on T1-weighted images which are sensitive for the diagnosis of a ruptured dermoid cyst.
A (Answer): A Dermoid cyst is an abnormal growth of haired skin, in this case on the cornea.
Ruptured spinal dermoid cyst with disseminated intracranial fat droplets.
Endoscopic surgical procedure of cases Transsphenoidal pituitary surgery 60 Clivus biopsy 1 Anterior skull base CSF leaks 8 Endoscopic medial maxillectomy 9 for inverting papilloma Malignant melanoma 3 Angiofibroma 1 Ossifying fibroma 3 Sphenoid sinus angioma 1 Meningocele 1 Intranasal dermoid cyst 1 Orbital apex cyst 1 Optico-carotid recess fungal mass 4 Removal foreign body (bullet) 1 from planum sphenoidale
A DERMOID cyst is a benign tumour that can contain bone, hair and even teeth.
March 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Hinsdale Surgery Center, Larson Eye Center in Hinsdale, Hinsdale Hospital and Hinsdale Anesthesia Associates are helping a 13-year-old girl from China, Yi-hsin Lin, by providing surgery, at no cost, to remove an uncommon dermoid cyst on the girl's cornea.
This time doctors pinpointed the problem immediately - a dermoid cyst growing on his spinal cord was preventing Matthew from using his legs.
Dermoid cyst of the external auditory canal [in Russian].
Rogers and her associates set out to determine the rate of dermoid cyst recurrence after cystectomy in a pediatric/adolescent population; evaluate if the mode of surgery impacts the rate of recurrence; and develop a postsurgical follow-up protocol for dermoid cysts.
With a clinical diagnosis of dermoid cyst an excision biopsy was performed.
The final pathology report showed a mature teratoma of the left ovary featuring dermoid cyst, respiratory anlaga, and struma ovarii.
Q I HAD a scan of my ovaries and was told I had a dermoid cyst, and that it needs to be removed.
Thus, in some cases, such as a dermoid cyst, CT findings are fairly specific.
Dermoid cyst may have a mural protuberance in the wall and contain hair.